Less than interesting

That is the theme for today. As much as I love having a lot of free time, sometimes.. it definitely gets old. I am the kind of person that thrives under pressure, and I am really missing that feeling. So, I have been working on my résumé! I am hoping to find a good job in Charlotte until I can start studying full time again. Damn you- out of state tuition. I am going through a bit of a hard time right now since school just started and I am so passionate about wanting to resume my studies. It makes me very sad that every one else is gearing up for college, football games, all nighters in the library, etc. My time will come, lol that sounds corny but it’s true. It also doesn’t help that I won’t see my husband for about 2 months this fall. But, I am keeping my head up 🙂

Enough of the pity fest. Breakfast this morning was 2 small slices of Dakota bread with raspberry jam. I am a sucker for good bread.

sept 2 010

And a banana with a few spoonfuls of honey greek yogurt.

sept 2 007

After breakfast it was time for a little one on one with Jillian Michaels. I did Level 2 of the 30 day shred and was cursing about half the time… but I finished!! Also, this afternoon was the perfect time to lay out by the pool and read due to that glorious fall breeze. I always wear SPF, no worries.

Lunch was my standard salad.

09-02 001

with a dr. kracker, cottage cheese, and tomato w/S&P.

09-02 002

I ate it like this. Satisfying lunch, indeed. I am a cottage cheese fiend.

09-02 003

Afternoon snack #1 was 2 stuffed almond butter dates.

snack n apt 006

Still hungry. Snack #2 was Kashi TLC bar. Tummy is happy 🙂

snack n apt 007

I am going to hike this evening instead of mountain biking, my legs need a rest!



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15 responses to “Less than interesting

  1. Vani

    That bread look so yummy!

    You’ll get back to school soon enough, and then you’ll be missing your days by the pool 🙂 What are you going to study?

  2. Is that the pumpkin seed flavor? looks great. oh Jillian kills me every time but I feel it and it works!

  3. So what are you doing to keep busy? Working? Living with the hubs? Or at home?

    • I live with my husband in Charlotte right now. He is leaving for job training in Europe soon for 3 months, then I will go back to my hometown because I have a job as a substitute teacher unless I find a job here first.

  4. Errign

    How long do you have to live in NC before you can get ‘in state’ tuition?

    Those crackers look super yummy, I saw them at the health food store, maybe I will have to grab some!

    • I have to live in NC for 1 year before I get in state so I won’t start until next fall but I may take a few classes this spring.

      The crackers are delicious! I would definitely recommend them 🙂

  5. Don’t take this the wrong way because I mean it as a good thing but reading about you wanting to get back to school helped pull me out of my school funk I’ve been having tonight. Tomorrow’s post will have more details but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m never going to finish school. Reading about your passion to get back to your studies hit something in me so thank you 🙂

    Loving the cottage cheese!!

  6. Girl, I am so glad that I could help you out in any way! I know you changed majors recently but just keep on truckin’ and you will get done. Honestly, why are we all in such a hurry to finish school? Enjoy the experience while it lasts. Supposedly, school is so much better than the real world (or so Hans says) And to top it off, I am sure you will be much happier with your profession because you are staying true to yourself. Much Love!

  7. Sorry you are frustrated right now, I thrive on a goal-oriented lifestyle, so I can definitely relate to feeling a bit lost with nothing pressing to do. It will all work out soon 🙂

    I love eating cottage cheese and tomatoes on toast with pepper sprinkled on top!

  8. I too thrive under pressure, and I too have been insanely jealous of everyone going back to their various undergrad and grad programs. I so deeply want to go back to school, and that’s partially why I want/ need a job so badly – I need to save money to pay for school!

    All that to say – I truly feel your “pain”. 🙂

  9. I am not a big cottage cheese person – I like it every once in a while. Looking at your cottage cheese on cracker topped with tomato makes me want some right now so that I can recreate it! That looks like a fabulous snack 🙂

  10. AB + Date = love!


  11. Thanks for the info about cider – I haven’t opened it yet so I’m still looking forward to tasting it.
    Great you lived in Sweden too. I didn’t quite get it: why can’t you resume your studies now? Is the out of state tuition much bigger than the state one?
    AB+date – must try this, sounds so simple and delicious. I’m also working on my resume, I need to find a job as well.
    Good luck with everything&keep in touch

  12. The bread looks absolutely wonderful! 😀

    You’ll figure things out, girl! You have your entire career ahead of you to decide exactly what it is that you want to do and where you might want to head. Things have a way of working out. 🙂

  13. lowandbhold

    It’s weird because I graduated in May, but I really want to go back to school this semester too!

    I’m glad you’re keeping your head up. You’ll get there soon. And when you can receive in-state tuition you’ll be back in the groove 🙂

    I love me some cottage cheese too. Have a great hike!!

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