First signs of fall

I love the unexpected cool down that we have been having in Charlotte the past few days! Of course, it’s supposed to be back in the 80’s by the weekend but it’s nice to feel that fall is actually right around the corner. It’s my favorite season! And to top it off, I am super stoked for Halloween since I missed it for 2 years when I lived in Sweden.

Speaking of Sweden, I really miss living there now so Hans and I decided to bake kanelbullar last night for his coworkers. Kanelbullar are most often enjoyed during fika, a common coffee break with friends/colleagues. You can bet that coffee is always super strong. On a happy note, I am most likely going to Sweden for Christmas, yay!

Here are a few steps of baking kanelbullar that I documented while we were baking. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin, spread with butter and top with cinnamon sugar.

kanelbullar 002

Roll it up and cut into pieces.

kanelbullar 003

Ready for Hans’ coworkers to enjoy with their coffee! Hans’ mom taught me how to bake kanelbullar, and the first time I baked them I seriously asked her how many pearl sugars to put on top (exactly).. what a novice baker I was back then.. haha.

kanelbullar 004

They turned out pretty good, a bit overdone even though I checked them 10 min earlier than the recipe stated but hey, a kanelbullar is a kanelbullar- a bit crisp or not. I guess I will find out later today what his coworkers said about them.

Since we were in the kitchen all evening, I wasn’t in the mood for cooking dinner so I threw together a whole wheat pita with a portobella veggie burger, spinach, tomatoes and leftover tzatziki sauce from Saturday night. Not an appetizing photo but it was good, the spinach and tomato are hiding under the veggie burger, promise… lol. On the side, I had some broccoli (not pictured).

kanelbullar 001

I am off to enjoy the fall weather, the best way that I know how… to be continuted.


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10 responses to “First signs of fall

  1. Lizzy

    mmmm adding cinnamon sugar to anything is amazing!

  2. i am 1/6 swedish :] i would love that recipe!

  3. Oh man, both dishes look fantastic! Cinnamon sugar?! I’m there 🙂

  4. Fall is my favorite season as well, and of course I love Halloween 😉

  5. lowandbhold

    Those pastries look so gourmet! YUM!

  6. Errign

    Those look realllllly yum.

  7. Oh gosh those look delicious… I want them now! Yeah, fall is awesome.

  8. Your kanelbullar look awesome, very Swedish! 🙂

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