Farmer’s Market Finds

Happy Saturday! I hope every one is as happy as I am that it is the weekend! That means that I get to spend lots of time with my sweet boy πŸ™‚ The day of traveling yesterday was long and complete hell. Nothing went as planned BUT I did get to Charlotte on time, which is a definite good thing since my flight didn’t come in until 10 pm. I flew out of NW Arkansas (about 2 hours from Tulsa) because it is infinitely cheaper than flying out of Tulsa if your flying to the east coast. My aunt picked me up at about 10 am for the start of the long travel day and about 30 minutes away…. her car broke down. Good thing we were super early but we still had to wait for quite a long time to get it all fixed. Let’s just say we were in a rush to get me to the airport at that point. My flight from NW Arkansas to Memphis was small and bumpy. I get to Memphis and my flight is delayed for 30 minutes, not too bad but I had to walk from one side of the airport to the complete other side… with my huge laptop back. Like I’ve said before, I have back problems… and I was in a lot of pain by the time I got to the other side of the airport.. but you gotta do, what you gotta do. My flight to Charlotte was quite nice besides the fact that I could see huge dark clouds and lightning out the window, haha.

Have I said how much I love Charlotte? We went to a wonderful farmer’s market this morning and Charlotte has so many nature trails and biking trails to explore! More on that later. For pre-biking fuel this morning I had my obligatory cup of coffee and chobani vanilla greek yogurt (oikos>chobani), a fresh peach from the farmer’s market and musli.

aug 29 001

Then, we headed out for our first biking adventure in 2 weeks. We tried a new trail, Sherman Branch, it was pretty difficult for me seeing as I am a beginner but it was still lots of fun. I left the trails very proud of myself. We were biking for about 1.5 hours (my longest bike ride yet!) and there were lots of curves and dips but I stuck it through and I am so glad that I did! it also helped a little that my biking partner is so darn cute πŸ˜‰ lol

After biking, I decided to try out a new lunch recipe. I got the idea from an email from Sherry. Eggplant-Pesto sandwich. Since I don’t have a grill, I sauteed the eggplant on the stovetop, spread a little pesto on a mini multi-grain baguette, then topped with tomatoes and spinach. I put the whole sandwich in the oven for about 5 minutes to toast the sandwich.

aug 29 002

The eggplant and tomatoes were farmer’s market finds which made this sammie that much better. Grilling the eggplant would take this sandwich over the top and the tomatoes were almost as good as the one’s in my dad’s garden. Almost.

aug 29 003

I don’t know what the rest of the day holds but I am curious to find out! Enjoy your Saturday!



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6 responses to “Farmer’s Market Finds

  1. I’m not lying if i say i enjoy it too foxy! πŸ˜‰

  2. lowandbhold

    Yum, that sandwich looks great. Glad you get to spend some time with you man!

  3. Yummy, I love your pre biking fuel!! Looks so fresh!

  4. Sorry the travels weren’t exactly smooth – at least you made it!? As much as I loved Chobs, I agree that Oikos is what’s up these days πŸ™‚

  5. Give Suzanne credit for the eggplant sandwich!! I just passed it along.

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