Chocolate cupcakes with… what?

Can you believe that the month of August is almost over? It is hard to believe that Hans and I moved back to the US this winter, it seems like a few weeks ago. Time sure does fly by, doesn’t it? All the more reason to live and love life. I haven’t taken many food photos this past week but I do have a few.

My mom and I were invited to our friend Sherry’s house for dinner. You can imagine my excitement because Sherry is a fantastic cook. And yet again, she surprised me with her amazing skills. I honestly do not care for lasagna and when I heard she made black bean lasagna, I just thought to myself.. be polite even though you don’t like lasagna. But, then I tasted it. It was amazing. Cheesy and flavorful but not overly so. I liked it so much that I even asked for the recipe. Thanks for having us over Sherry!!

I had my black bean lasagna with a glass of wine, a side salad and bruschetta (not pictured)

aug 23 001

Some other eats that I have been enjoying lately.

Blueberries that I got from a blueberry farm awhile ago and froze them, went back to Charlotte and forgot about them until now.

aug 23 002

PB&J, of course.

aug 23 003

*I did some major damage to my wallet on Friday night at the mall with my mom. But, I found some fabulous new fall trends for super cheap! and some killer black heels, love it! After the mall, my mom suggested Mexican.. who am I to say no to the deliciousness that is Mexican food?

I created my own salad using their menu. I told the waitress that I wanted a bed of greens topped with fajita veggies, guacamole and salsa. It was delicious! I got to taste all the flavors that I crave with Mexican food without my jeans feeling tight when I left the restaurant 🙂

aug 23 004

Some Saturday night shenanigans, haha…. no words.

aug 23 005

My mom and her work friend, we decided to check out the new Hard Rock casino. Yes, I hang out with my mom.. and yes, I helped create the balloon animals.. I am cool like that.

And to end this massive, random post. I received my first baking paycheck. The order? Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling. I always thought strawberry filling goes with vanilla. I was right and had a hard time finding a recipe so I came up with my own. They loved these cupcakes. I heard they were only down to 2 cupcakes after 2 hours.

The strawberry filling.

aug 23 006

With white chocolate frosting. I tried piping the frosting but it wasn’t thick enough.. any suggestions?

aug 23 007




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7 responses to “Chocolate cupcakes with… what?

  1. Mmm yum! Those look tasty! Good job! 🙂
    And…black bean lasagna!? Any chance you can share the recipe!? Please??

  2. This year is FLYING!!! Black bean lasagna sounds amazing! I’m not a big pasta girl either but I’ve had a spinach/artichoke/asparagus lasagna that was awesome – no red sauce.

    Your Mexi-meal looks fantastic! I’m always too chicken to make my own meals at restaurants.

  3. Those cupcakes look incredible!!!! And black bean lasagna sounds right up my alley…

  4. Owww I have never tried black bean lasagna! That sounds super good. Great cupcakes too- love the ones with the fruity filling! I hang out with my mama too 😉

  5. When doesn’t your mom suggest Mexican? I think she may actually be part Mexican. Grandma has spent a lot of time in Mexico. I’m just sayin’.

  6. lowandbhold

    Congrats on making your first sale!

    Black bean lasagna sounds delish. Is that black beans in place of the beef?

    That casino is nuts! I would have helped make the balloon animals too!

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