Sweet Home Oklahoma

I am back in Tulsa without any major flying damage. Although they did lose my luggage but it was safely returned to me this afternoon! Thank goodness!! I felt lost without all of my crap. Traveling used to scare me regarding food. I couldn’t plan out my meals, I had to choose foods on a whim but now I am over that. I know what to choose and what not to choose and I choose to embrace it! It is kinda fun walking around the airport trying to find healthy eats. It is possible!

My flight left at noon so I didn’t have to wake up super early which was nice for a change. Hans flight to Germany left in the afternoon so we got to ride to the airport together and hang out before our flights left. For breakfast, I knew that I needed something to hold me over for about 6 hours until I landed in Memphis for my layover.

aug 17 003

Just regular ol’ oatmeal w/banana,  almond butter and a tsp of maple syrup- They weren’t thick enough since I added to much water but still good.

My flight was delayed for about 20 minutes but no harm done, I had the perfect amount of time to browse through the airport, find lunch and settle down before my flight. I ended up with a turkey/gouda cheese sandwich from a little grocery store. I am guessing that people from Tennessee love their barbeque because that was honestly the only foods in the airport, haha.

aug 17 001

My second flight went well and I arrived at NW Arkansas Airport (about 2 hours from Tulsa, it’s way cheaper to fly into there!) where my grandma picked me up. And we waited and waited and waited for my luggage to come through the carousel- well, as it turns out they only have one bagging crew so we waited for an hour and my suitcase was not there, sigh. I love life. After about 2 hours we were finally out of there!! We drove the lovely 2 hour drive through farms and stopped at Hideaway to meet the family on the way home for dinner. Hideaway is my absolute favorite pizza place and I haven’t been there in 6 months so you can only imagine how happy I was!

I was famished (note to self: pack snacks while flying!!).. so I couldn’t resist some fried mushrooms dipped in marinara. They are a family fav.

aug 17 002

We ordered half Mediterranean and half Veggie.

I had two slices of the Mediterranean- olive oil and garlic glaze with mozzarella and feta cheese topped with spinach and sun dried tomatoes. Best. Pizza. Ever! Well done Hideaway. Those are two small slices in the photo, it is kind of hard to tell.

aug 17 004

I wasn’t too tired when I got back to Tulsa, which was a surprise since I had been traveling almost all day, and thanks to my Aunt Marti, I have been reunited with the second love of my life (Sorry Hans) Mighty Maple!!

Lovin’ the wet hair and no make up look.

aug 17 005



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6 responses to “Sweet Home Oklahoma

  1. MIGHTY MAPLE!! I just found a really cheap jar of it the other day! DEFINITELY a favorite of mine too! Glad your flight went safely 🙂

  2. Brandi

    ah, so jealous of the mighty maple! I can’t find it here.

    i’m glad you got back safely and that you got your luggage back! that is never fun to have that lost.

  3. Welcome back! Glad you got all your luggage back. That is the worst! I’ve never seen fried mushrooms. These look great.

  4. Ugh – luggage issues drive me crazy! Glad you got yours back!!

    Woohoo for Mighty Maple!!

  5. Ah, yes. The wonderful Mighty Maple. I have to order it online myself. Happy to share it with you.

  6. lowandbhold

    Yum, I’ve never tried the Mediterranean pizza at Hideaway, I’ll have to do that! Glad your flights went well!

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