So, this is a complete random post with a lot of different “stuff” to it.  So, here goes.

I got a surprise in the mail the other day- Popchips! I have seen them in the blog world recently and decided that I would like to try them out for myself. Seeing as salty is Hans treat of choice, I knew that he would love sampling potato chips too.

aug 14 001

I loved the barbeque flavor but the other flavors were not that great. The texture is a bit off- with the bbq flavor I could get past that, but the other flavors were strong and not too tasty which made the texture even more apparent. Now, I am being completely honest here, if I had the choice between the original, sea salt & vinegar, and salt & pepper.. and regular potato chips then I would definitely choose the Frito Lay kind. However, the bbq was quite amazing, I am not really a potato chips gal and I would probably pick some of these babies up the next time I see them at the grocery store, so a little plus and a little minus for the popchips.

aug 14 003

In other randomness, Miss Jaime asked how I prepare my breakfast cookies- so I thought I would do a little tutorial for you guys 😉

The ingredients: 1/2 cup oats, maple syrup, 1/2 banana, cinnamon and almond butter. Not shown: Vanilla soy milk.

aug 14 011

I put the oats, banana, almond butter, cinnamon and about 1 tsp of maple syrup into a coffee mug to mix together. I do this for a few reasons: 1. Because I am messy and 2. Well, because I am messy. The first time I made the breakfast cookie I tried to mix it on the plate. Bad idea. My breakfast cookie ended up on my kitchen counter instead.

aug 14 012

After, everything is mixed through I add some soy milk, just enough to get the right consistency. Then a put the breakfast cookie blob onto a plate, and smash it down with a spoon.

aug 14 013

I spread out the breakfast cookie until it looks like this.

aug 14 015

I put the breakfast cookie  in the fridge overnight and it is ready for me to enjoy in the morning. If you haven’t ever tried the breakfast cookie, I urge you to try it.. it is so yummy!

Now, let’s talk a bit about baking. If you have been reading my blog for awhile then you probably already know that I love to bake anything and everything- from bread to cookies. Supposedly, I am known around Hans’ office for my baking and they have been asking me to bake something for them every week. This week, I baked peanut butter brownies from Smitten Kitchen.

Hans’ office brownies before I spread the chocolate ganache over them.

aug 14 004

I let them cool completely and then layered the chocolate ganache and stuck them in the fridge until the chocolate had hardened.

aug 14 008

Wow, don’t they look amazing?

Of course, Hans and I had to try them out before I handed them over to his office.

aug 14 009

They seriously taste like Reese’s brownies. So good!



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8 responses to “Randomness

  1. That’s smart to put it in the mug first! I may have to steal that tip when I make a breakfast cookie!

    I can see why you’re known for your baking – that looks fantastic!

  2. oomgosh omgosh what RIDICULOUS looking baked goods. They’re literally bakery/restaurant desserts!!!

    Thanks for sharing your breakfast cookie method! I have ALWAYS wondered how those were made. 🙂 I think it is time i venture out of my safety zone and make my own cookie one morning!

  3. Brownies that taste like Reeses? Yes, please!
    And the BBQ popchips are my fav too!

  4. April (Foods of April)

    Great tutorial! My breakfast cookies always come out kinda mushy which I like.. but I’ve always wondered how people get them more cookie like! The maple syrup sounds like a wonderful addition!


  5. lowandbhold

    I really need to try a breakfast cookie. Thanks for the tutorial!

    The brownies look soooo good. I wish I was a better baker.

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