New trails- new clothes

Happy Monday!! Yes, much enthusiasm is intended for that greeting! I am in a really good mood after such a fabulous weekend! We were super busy- but I am not complaining one bit, knowing that weekend is around the corner always gets me through the week!

Hans flew in on Friday evening and I went to pick him up at the airport and we went directly to an authentic Spanish Tapas restaurant,Las Ramblas. At first glance, the restaurant looked a bit run down but as soon as you walk inside the Spanish essence was brought to life! The decor went with the mood of the restaurant, loved it! We sat out on the patio, next to two older men.. who just randomly started talking to us. It was so funny! One of them was a big time lawyer in Charlotte, and the other is a federal investigator! Craziness!! They liked us so much that they bought us a round of drinks, haha.. small randomness like this one really makes things interesting. Back to the restaurant. Las Ramblas is a Tapas-style restaurant in which you order a lot of small plates for the table and you share with every one. I had never been to a Tapas restaurant before I went to Germany, and when I returned to the states I was eager to find one here, and Las Ramblas didn’t let me down. I started out with a glass of Syrah from Sonoma (paid for by the federal investigator, lol) It took Hans and I awhile to decide because the menu had so such an appetizing collection of Tapas. We decided on grilled asparagus, shrimp, croquetas de pollo y jamon serrano (chicken for Hans) and flatbread with olive tapenade. Our order came very quickly and we immensely enjoyed our meal.

Grilled asparagus:

july 27 003

Flatbread with olive tapenade:

july 27 002

Grilled Shrimp:

july 27 005

And some chicken for Hans:

july 27 004

My favorite was the flatbread w/olive tapenade by a long shot, the other tapas were delicious but the flatbread blew them all away!! Delicious! There will definitely be many more date nights at Las Ramblas in the future.

An amazing start to an amazing weekend! The rest of the weekend entailed the obligatory Ikea shop for a few essentials. Hans was in heaven after eating his Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam, haha.

july 27 006

And of course, when you have a new hobby, it is a must to get some new clothes along with it. Kudos to any one who feels confident in biking shorts! I was a bit self conscious in the beginning, but then I snapped myself out of it by telling myself that my body is strong and beautiful and it gives me what I need to push through my new hobby. It worked like a charm.

july 27 007

We went to two different biking trails this weekend. The trail we went to on Saturday was okay, but the Sunday trail was amazing- we ventured out to the other side of Charlotte to go to The US National Whitewater center. We went on the easiest trail, and it was hard but I pushed myself through it and enjoyed every minute of it. Biking in the trails is SO much harder than biking on the pavement. I hope every one had a fantastic weekend and welcome back to the boring ol’ workweek!

Oh, and it is definitely confirmed that I am obsessed with Yoga One Wellness yoga studio in Charlotte. I bought a package on Thursday and I have been twice and both times definitely exceeded my expectations. I love when that happens.




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9 responses to “New trails- new clothes

  1. Congrats on the new biking hobby!! And for kicking any self-consciousness to the curb 🙂

  2. lowandbhold

    I love tapas restaurants! And when random strangers buy me drinks, haha.

  3. Oh wow! That’s cool those guys bought you a round of drinks! The flat bread does look delicious!

    Glad you’re enjoying biking so much!!

  4. Hi Haleigh! Wow, everything looks delicious! (Esp the asparagus and shrimp!)
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog recently. I really appreciate the support!

  5. for some reason I just love grilled asparagus and shrimp when I go out to eat! Everything looks great 🙂

  6. Yummmm. Makes me miss the tapas restaurant we used to go to when we lived in Florida. Dang it! Now I want tapas.

  7. I just love grilled asparagus! It’s my favorite way to eat it!

  8. You look SOOO awesome in your new bike clothes! I think everyone feels self-conscious in the shorts, so well done on kicking those thoughts to the kerb. That trail sounds amazing! I like tapas because you get to taste so many different things.

  9. The flatbread with olive tapenade looks so good! And you look HOT in your biking shorts!

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