Bagels are bad?

Hi friends! I hope every one’s week is off to a nice, fresh start! I am still enjoying the ‘mild’ high 80 degree weather in Tulsa. I can actually take a nice, long walk without feeling like I am going to fall over on the sidewalk, haha.

For breakfast, I had a 100% whole wheat bagel spread with homemade strawberry jam. On the side, I had a fantastic summer fruit bowl. I love bagels, they are one of my favorite treats to have for breakfast every once in awhile.

bagel 07-06 003

The other day, my grandma said something that somewhat astounded me. “Aren’t bagels fattening?” Now, if you knew my grandma then you would know how odd this question is coming from her. She has been active her entire life and is conscious of her food habits. Now, maybe this is just me.. but when did bagels become a bad thing?

bagel 07-06 002

I believe that you can have all of your favorite foods, modified.. of course. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods people! A huge bakery-style bagel filled with white flour and smothered in cream cheese? Yes, very fattening. But a smaller sized bagel, 100 % whole wheat, 2 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber and 240 calories? Quite healthy indeed and amazingly delicious as well.

bagel 07-06 001

After breakfast, I was working on some home improvement projects. I pulled up all the old nails in the bathroom, put concrete filler in the cracks and now I am waiting on my grandma to get some type of primer so that I can put the tile down sometime this next week. I love home improvement projects, there is so much satisfaction that comes with good, hard work. After the much needed bathroom facelift, I met my friend at Starbucks to catch up. I am a coffee addict but I just don’t enjoy Starbucks’ weak, sugary drinks anymore so I sipped on Sparkling Water and chatted away. My best girlfriend that’s a guy, Blake:


By the time I got back to the house, I was starving for lunch! I made a taco salad with:

1/2 a tomato
about 1/2 cup of Amy’s refried beans
and a ton of salsa!

mexican salad 07-06

This little baby sure did cure my Mexican craving. After lunch, I took my long walk and it was so enjoyable since it wasn’t 100 degrees outside! I had a Kashi Bar as a snack.

07-07 003

As far as exercising goes when I am in Tulsa, I take 2 long walks a day (depending if it is under 100 degrees!), I practice yoga every day along with strength training exercises. I caught up with the SGBC this afternoon and then walked over to my dad’s house where I enjoyed one of summer’s best: Cherries!

07-07 004

It is fantastic to be at home and catch up with all of my friends and family. But I am already getting bored of Oklahoma and can’t wait to get back to Charlotte! I threw together another quick dinner tonight with some more fresh corn. I just can’t get enough corn! It is the best corn I have ever tasted. I paired the corn with some broccoli, cottage cheese and tomato slices.

07-07 002

Followed by one amazing piece of Lindt chocolate:

07-07 006

Back to bagels, Do your friends or family say silly things about food and nutrition?



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9 responses to “Bagels are bad?

  1. That is my favorite kashi bar!! So good!! The corn looks amazing. What tasty eats!

    I agree with you that bagels should be enjoyed. I think of your modifications as things you can do in order to enjoy a favorite treat “responsibly. ” You are so right that deprivation is bad and unnecessary. I’ve learned that feelings of deprivation tend to lead to overeating for me, so I do my best to have my favorites from time to time.

  2. Mmm bagels!! Yes, my family and friends sometimes make comments, but it’s usually more along the lines of comments about how strange or weird what I chose to eat is to them. I usually don’t mind, because I know what works for me, but sometimes it can be pretty irritating when someone keeps calling everything you put into your mouth strange! I agree with you 100%…everything in moderation! 🙂

  3. I don’t understand the bagel hate either! Everything in moderation people!!

    That Lindt truffle sounds so good – hazelnut is the best! 100F?! Send some heat up here! It’s only 64!!

  4. lowandbhold

    I get all kinds of comments. Like they want me to feel bad about something I’m eating because they know I’m a healthy eater. Lame. A lot of people try to tell my how “fattening” sweet potatoes are… yeah maybe when you make them into candy, but not when you enjoy them in all their natural glory!

    I love Lindt!

  5. I hate that bagels have such a bad wrap!!! Choose whole grain and you get so many servings of those delicious whole grains for the day.
    now im seriously craving a bagel. haha

  6. i feel like the bagel thing is leftover from atkins – or also due to the massive ones sold in bakeries. but who cares, they’re delicious! you have the right idea. 🙂

    my friends and family make comments alllll the time. sometimes i try to correct them or defend things i know are true, but most of the time i ignore it. and the word “fattening” is one of my least favorite words in the english language!

  7. I think it’s mostly the super ginormous bagels from bagel shops — they can be really high in calories, even before topping them with anything. Bagels you buy in supermarkets aren’t so bad, especially whole wheat!

  8. I think it’s funny when people think something’s bad when it’s not.
    I know it’s happened to me but I can’t think of an example.

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