Happy 4th of July!!

I am so happy to be in the states for 4th of July this year! I haven’t been able to celebrate this holiday for awhile so I am very much looking forward to all the events and fireworks this evening!

I got to go pick up Hans at the airport yesterday morning and he will be in Tulsa the whole weekend 🙂 Yesterday we went to the mall, we got several new outfits (huge sale at Express!!) and I’m not complaining. We stopped by a new Mediterranean cafe in the mall for lunch. And wow, I am surprised this place is in Tulsa, Ok.. we don’t have many authentic restaurants, except for Mexican. You went through the line, kind of like a buffet, and could choose between several different salads and vegetables and the entree was served with hummus and pita bread, it was delicious indeed. Hans and I shared a plate and it was a little delightful snack plate.

Our plate, full of hummus, eggplant dip, roasted zucchini and eggplant, some type of white fish and a Mediterranean salad:


My plate, Mediterranean salad, zucchini and eggplant dish and half a pita with hummus:


Isn’t the cafe so cute?


Yesterday afternoon wasn’t that eventful, we took a little nap because Hans had to wake up at 3 am and I was up half of the night because of a huge storm that rolled in BUT then we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, Los Cabos!!! The food is amazing and the atmosphere is even better. The restaurant has a nice patio with live music. Of course, I started out with a Strawberry Margarita, on the rocks:


And my signature entree that I ALWAYS get at Mexican restaurant, chicken fajitas.. with loads of guacamole and salsa, times 2:


After dinner, we sat out on the patio and listened to some great music in the cool summer breeze, it was fantastic! It is honestly SO hot in Oklahoma in the summer but once the sun starts to set the weather is perfect.

I got my new camera yesterday! I am happy to be back to regular blogging. I hope every one has a 4th of July filled with good company and good beer 😉


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4 responses to “Happy 4th of July!!

  1. lowandbhold

    Oh I’m definitely going to have to try that Mediterranean place! And I love Los Cabos! Have fun tonight!!

  2. Aww yummy stuff! It looks delish indeed. My sis is in the States for the first time for the 4th of July – it always sounds like such an awesome holiday!

  3. happy 4th!!
    wow that mediterranean salad looks SO GOOD 😀

  4. Courtney

    You are so pretty! I am happy you are here in the states to celebrate, too 🙂 What kind of new camera did you get? I’m camera shopping presently .. mine is pathetic in low light situations.

    Happy 4th!

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