Full of Surprises!

Life has been so crazy for me these past few weeks since I returned from Germany. I have no clue what is in store for Hans (my husband) and I this fall. Two options: Denmark for 12 weeks or Poland for 12 weeks! C R A Z Y!! I know.. I am really hoping for Denmark because the language is similar to Swedish, and I am hoping that I can read some Danish because of it. Anyway, we will be leaving the end of August. This is the last long trip that we will take for Hans’ job training. I am sad and happy about this at the same time.. I love going abroad, I learn so much about about myself in the process and I get to learn about the people of the world. It is what keeps me going! But, it is also hard because we haven’t been able to make a home for ourselves in Charlotte yet. Yes, I can’t start school until Fall of 2010 due to out of state tuition crap but still it would be nice to actually purchase a kitchen table instead of putting it off since we won’t be home for 3 months anyway. But, the time will come when we can finally make a home and then I will probably be wishing that I was out of the country again 🙂

I will be back to regular blogging soon! But, in the meantime here is a photo of Hans and I in Salzburg, Austria:

europe 2009 069

and Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic:



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8 responses to “Full of Surprises!

  1. How fabulous! Can’t wait to see more pics 🙂

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Prague!!

  3. oh cool!!! those pics are so nice! i cant wait to see more and i am happy to see you are excited about the upcoming adventures you have in store! : )

  4. That’s SO exciting! I hope it’s Denmark too because then maybe you’ll get a chance to come to Sweden again? And we can meet! That would be SO awesome! That is an adorable photo of you and Hans! You guys are so cute together. And it’s so weird somehow seeing that picture of Old Town Square in Prague. Wow, living and working there I passed through there sooo many times, I cannot even tell you how many times I was there.

    • Prague is so beautiful! You are so lucky to have worked there! And I will be coming to Sweden if we will go to Denmark or Poland 🙂 Hope to see you soon girl!

  5. You two look so cute together! I hope you’re happy wherever you end up. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Denmark!

  6. aww sounds like your having fun! cute couple 🙂

  7. You have such an exciting life! I love that–you seem care free. Great quality to have.

    Ya’ll are a gorgeous couple, by the way!

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