Mosel Wine Region

The Mosel Wine Region is one of 13 wine regions in Germany. I got the privilege of spending 1 fabulous long weekend there. The Wine Region is situated off of the Moselle River and has rolling hills everywhere with wine yards. It is beautiful. There were a lot of tourists at the Mosel Wine Region but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself, it was just a bit crowded in the small villages. Mosel Wine is generally sweet with a low alcohol content. I prefer dry, red wine but the sweet Mosel wine was a nice switch up from the norm. The hotel that we stayed at was owned by 1 man and his family. They were the managers of the hotel, the cooks, the maids, and they owned several wine yards in which they bottled their own wine from. The manager told me that the people of the Mosel Valley have made a living off of their wine for hundreds of years. There was just so much happiness in their lives for what they do and that is what life really is about isn’t it? Well, I definitely would love a life as simple as this.

Our hotel:

europe 2009 016

The long weekend in the Mosel Valley was spent drinking glorious wine, enjoying the warm weather and the culture that surrounded us.

We rode bikes along the river:

europe 2009 019

Saw breathtaking views:

europe 2009 024

Enjoyed a fantastic wine tasting: (Not all of this was for us! 🙂 It was for a large group)

europe 2009 030

Ate traditional German cuisine, meat and potatoes with steamed cabbage! Loved the cabbage.. the rest, ehh.. I still tried it!:

europe 2009 027

Plenty of ice cream while biking along the river:

europe 2009 026

As you can see, I fully enjoyed my trip to the Mosel Valley. Oddly enough, I didn’t gain a pound when I was abroad (I actually lost a few). Crazy how that happens.. when you actually let yourself be free and enjoy yourself, in moderation, of course.. it creates a certain balance. You don’t have to over analyze it.. it just is, and that is the beauty of it!

I will be back soon with an exciting announcement! 🙂



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8 responses to “Mosel Wine Region

  1. Priyanka

    Can’t wait to hear the announcement! The ice cream looks so good!!

  2. Bec

    wow looks like an amazing place

  3. Looks like such a beautiful place!

  4. GORGEOUS!! I need to get my booty to Deutschland!

  5. Jealous!! It looks like an amazing place, and I’m always jealous when I see someone else with ice cream. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to hearing your announcement!

  6. Lovely photos, it’s so fun to read about (and see) your adventures! I’ve often noticed that I loose weight, or at least don’t gain, when I go on vacation! I think it’s as you say – when you let yourself be more free and just enjoy life the whole food and weight issue manages itself. When you’re on vacation enjoying yourself and enjoying life you tend to not think about food as much and thus eat less than you probably would when you’re TRYING not to eat too much or “bad”.

  7. now that is a beautiful view! I have always wanted to visit Europe.
    I think its so crazy how you hear of stories that people actually lose weight, but eat more when they are abroad.

    glad you enjoyed your trip!

  8. frenchybelle

    WOW it is beautiful there!!!

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