Asparagus season is apparent in Germany everywhere, asparagus soup, asparagus salad, asparagus with ham, with hollandaise and potatoes.. well, you get the idea. I had no clue that the German’s were so crazy for asparagus. Well, in Germany asparagus is known as the “royal vegetable.” They even have an asparagus queen? Interesting. All I can say is that I have enjoyed plenty of fresh asparagus during my 1 month trip abroad. And well, the asparagus was white?! Hmm.. I was a bit freaked out the first time I saw it as I have only seen green asparagus but white asparagus is just as delicious. After a little research online, (AKA Wikipedia, haha) the asparagus is white because it is covered in soil to prevent photosynthesis. Why do you ask? Well, I have no idea. But, it results in a much sweeter taste. It is not as bitter as green asparagus but I learned to love it after the first bite.

Asparagus w/pork tenderloin and potatoes:

europe 2009 005

Asparagus soup (again…):

europe 2009 017

And I assure you, I enjoyed fresh white asparagus numerous times other than above but I simply didn’t take photos of it. Simple, high quality food at it’s finest. I loved how excited every one was for asparagus season, you could tell just from every restaurant’s menus that it is a special time. Good food, great wine, family and friends.. what more do you need? It is a season that the people look forward to year round and it was a pleasure to experience it! I love being placed out of my element and having to make different choices with what I have because it makes me step out of the safety box and try new things.



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11 responses to “Spargelsaison

  1. I’ve never tried white asparagus! What a nice treat in a foreign country, glad you’re enjoying yourself! 🙂

  2. I’ve never had white asparagus, either! Sounds like a fun change!!

  3. Bec

    wow I didnt even know there was white asparugus!

  4. i’ve never had white asparagus, but it looks amazing 🙂
    sounds like your having lots of fun!

  5. yay i love asparagus! and white asparagus is yummy too!!! 🙂 hope you are having a great time xoxo

  6. Pssst. You can buy white asparagus at Wal-mart, Target and Reasor’s, purple asparagus too.

  7. You are so pretty! 🙂 Lovely pictures. We’ve got both green and white asparagus here in Sweden. The white asparagus is considered more luxurious (probably because it’s not as common as green) and is therefore more expensive. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried it some time but mostly we just get the green asparagus. It’s pretty common here in Sweden too, soups, with hollandaise, in salads, with some meat dish – yup, you name it, we got it! 🙂

  8. april

    You are gorgeous!!

  9. I love asparagus, how fun that the season is such a big deal. My parents went to Denmark a few years ago and raved about the way the asparagus was prepared. They said it was simple but delicious!
    And I have to agree with April you are beautiful!

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