Tillbaka i Sverige

I am here, I promise! haha… I have been in Germany these past few days without internet! Horrible.. I know! Würzburg is lovely. It is a beautiful little German city with a castle resting on the river, not to mention part of the Franken wine region. There are vineyards all along the hillsides in Würzburg. It seems like a dream! I only spent a few days there and I will have a few more days there at the end of the month but it has already left a good impression on me.

But… I am back in Sweden now! I was in Germany for 3 days and then hopped a flight to Stockholm and a train to Borlänge, and I am back at my second home again which is really what Borlänge is to me. I feel like I have 2 homes Tulsa and Borlänge, and although it doesn’t feel like home yet, I guess Charlotte has to go on that list as well.

I have mixed emotions about Sweden, I loved living here for the most part but from November to March it is complete hell for me because I am not a winter person but when Spring rolls around, Sweden is the best place to be in this world. I love it here in the spring and summer time, everything is so green with the little red houses everywhere. As soon as the days get warmer and the nights get lighter, more and more people spend their days outside, it is a wonderful thing to experience. I will be here  until Monday and I am looking forward to spending time with some family and friends.

But, unfortunately… I forgot the camera!!! Ahh, I know… I am going to use Hans’ mom’s camera so I will be able to take photos when I am in Sweden but that means I have no photos for you right now of Würzburg or any German food or German anything for that matter. Not really anything too interesting yet because we don’t have a kitchen!! Ah, yes.. I know.. my meals have been basically cereal and cereal and 1 Franconian meal at a restaurant (which I will be posting about later on). The only photo I have is one that Hans took before I got to Europe. I thought it was cute but I honestly have no idea where it is or what it is but still a cute photo! I will be back soon with a recap! Promise 🙂



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6 responses to “Tillbaka i Sverige

  1. Glad you’re there and had safe travels!! I couldn’t even imagine Sweden during the winter – MI is bad enough 😉

    Enjoy the rest of your time there!!

  2. Bec

    glad to hear from you, enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

  3. YAY you got there safely! Glad to hear you’re having such a great time in your second home 🙂

  4. enjoy your trip girl! so glad you are having a good time xoxo

  5. Aww, I guess I missed you! :/ Will you be in Stockholm at all any more during your visit here in Sweden? Cute picture, too bad you forgot your camera though! That sucks, I hate when I forget things, especially when it’s important stuff (for me) like my camera. Hope you’re having fun!!

  6. miss you! so glad youre having such a wonderful timeee 🙂 enjoy yourself to the MAX

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