Grandma is here!

Hi guys! My grandma arrived safely in Charlotte yesterday afternoon however, they had a mishap with her luggage and it is still not here yet. It kinda sucks because we had plans to go do some fun things to do but all of that has to be held off until her luggage arrives. But, that didn’t stop us from enjoying a lovely dinner together yesterday night. I don’t know about many restaurants in the Charlotte area so I went to Open Table and did a little research to find one. Grandma told me that she really wanted Italian food with moderate prices and Maggiano’s seemed like the perfect place for us according to We arrived at Maggiano’s a little after 7 o’clock and I was a bit hesitant because it was inside Southpark Mall. It looked beautiful on the outside, and we were seated immediately when we came in. The waiter was very attentive and we ended up chatting with him for quite awhile about our thoughts on the area since I just moved here. The menu was huge so I honestly had no idea what to choose, it being an Italian restaurant I went with the safest choice, pasta! I ordered a side salad with NO raw onions (eeww) and the half size chicken pesto linguine which was roasted chicken, pesto and pine nuts in a parmesan broth with a hint of lemon. The pasta was one of the best pesto dishes that I have ever tried but the portion was huge!!!! And it was a half size! I asked the waiter what the full size looked like and he showed me a full size bowl and I was just in shock. Sorry people, but this is why Americans are larger than other people in the world. The full size could have fed a family of 5 and my “half” size portion could have easily feed 2 to 3. No wonder our obesity rate is sky high. I read online that this restaurant was known for their “generous” portion sizes but still I think it was way too much. Anyway, enough with the ranting! The pasta dish was delicious even if it was on the huge side. I ate a little less than half of this baby. I also had a glass of Chianti. (Sorry for the subpar photos, Hans took the nice camera with him to Germany.)

Before consumption.


After, haha I barely made a dent into the pasta. Well, at least I have tons of leftovers!! lol


Grandma ordered the eggplant parmesan. Grandma always orders pasta with marinera when she goes to Italian restaurants so I was proud that she stepped out of the box a little bit.


For dessert, I had a shot of espresso. Yum!! It wasn’t nearly strong enough though 🙂


I am so happy that my grandma is here to stay with me, I have no idea what I would have done for 2 weeks here by myself, I hardly know my way around the area and I have only met a few people. I just feel like I am lost every where that I go. Even if I go somewhere, like the mall, where there are people everywhere.. I still feel like I am alone. I just hope that when we get back from Germany, I can take a few summer classes to really start my life again, it feels like my life has been on “pause” since I moved back to the US, just waiting for things to happen.. I want to MAKE things happen but I just don’t know how to do that. I am very shy so it is hard for me to meet people, anyway enough with the pity fest. This morning I went for a glorious 30 minute run. The first 15 minutes felt like I was flying the entire way, I absolutely adored the feeling… but, on the way back it was so difficult because the wind was coming straight for me.. my legs felt like they would collapse and my ankles felt very weak. It was still a great run though. After my run, I did 3 sets of push ups and crunches and a little yoga. Then it was time for breakfast!! I was hungry but my stomach was feeling a bit off after my run so I opted for a whole wheat “british” muffin from Trader Joe’s. 1/2 with a smear of PB, and topped with a bruised banana and the other with raspberry jam. With the inevitable cup of coffee, of course!


Perfect fuel for the fun day of activities ahead of us!! (We just had a knock on the door and it was grandma’s luggage!! Yay, now we can get a move on!) It’s already Wednesday!! The week has flown by even though I haven’t done much, love it!


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9 responses to “Grandma is here!

  1. That’s so nice that your grandma is here…I know moving can be so tough!

  2. Yaahhh for your grandma being here! And mmm lovely dinner with your grandma!

  3. Aren’t portion sizes so ridiculous?
    I’m shocked sometimes when my food comes out and it’s on a serving platter. Luckily we know not to eat it all but some people will!
    Have fun with your grandma!

  4. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like eating out very much – who needs that much food by themselves!? Enjoy all your time with your grandma!

  5. dinner looks amaazingggg! that meal looks fab, but youre right for a half size thats HUGE! enjoy the time with your gmaaa 🙂

  6. portions in this country are so out of control! but im glad you had a great time with grammy! 🙂 you and her look so cute together on that chair hah!!

    have a great time with her xoxox

  7. Hi Haleigh! I love your name.. 🙂 I read your blog often but never comment…I guess I am kind of shy in that aspect, too! You are such a pretty girl and I love the way you write. I agree about portion sizes in the US though I’ve always considered Maggiano’s to be one of those places where you order and share. I just assume that this HAS to be the case because no WAY could anyone ever finish an entire plate by themselves..could they? Usually my husband and I will go and order a couple of dishes and share – then take tons of leftovers home! It’s good food but WAY TOO MUCH!

  8. Bec

    that pasta looks great, have fun with your grandma!

  9. Oh my, that pasta is ridiculously huge! I know whenever I have eaten out in the US I have been in such utter shock about the portion sizes. I remember several years back I ordered some meal when my aunt and cousins and I went out to eat and I fought to try to finish the plate because I felt rude not finishing everything but I just couldn’t do it and when I was done eating it looked like I had barely touched the food, I felt so bad because my aunt was paying but at the same time I felt just appalled that they could give me SO much food! Here in Sweden when you eat out you never take a doggy bag because the portions are normal sized so you finish everything. I completely agree with you – the portion sizes are definitely a big reason why there is so much obesity in the US.

    I am so excited you might be coming to Uppsala!! Keep me updated on that!! 😀

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