What was that noise??

I am so excited because my grandma arrives in Charlotte today! I can’t wait to have fun adventures exploring Charlotte together! However, I have no idea what I should take her to do around the area since I really don’t know myself since I just moved here. Any one from the area that reads my blog?? Leave a comment with some fun stuff to do in Charlotte please!! πŸ™‚ Here is a photo of me and my grandma at her lake house. We have been sitting in that same chair together since I was a little girl, haha we kind of have to squeeze into it now but we still sit together like that.


As you may know, last week I had a challenge for myself to stop sweet snacking after dinner. Any one who knows me knows that I have a serious sweet tooth. I could honestly eat dessert for every meal if I didn’t know any better, and in high school I used to do have desserts as real meals all the time! Haha, what was I thinking? I am definitely the kind of person who always chooses sweet over salty, and you can see that in some of my daily meals too, I almost always want a PB&J for lunch and often have to stop myself so that I can get a bit of variety into my diet. Since I moved to Charlotte, I had been mindlessly snacking on sweets after dinner. Why? I have no idea.. maybe just not knowing any one in the area so we had nothing to do. I am the kind of person who would rather indulge in a decadent MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE or CANDY every once in awhile than a 100 calorie faux dessert every night. I found myself feeling guilty when I would enjoy the real stuff because of all the faux desserts that I had been consuming. But, I definitely felt like I had no control over my after dinner snacking so I wanted to kick myself in the butt a bit and snap out of it. So, enter “No Sugar After Dinner Week.” I made a promise to myself to have no sugary snacks in the evening so that I could indulge in real desserts guilt free. I went 7 DAYS without sugary after dinner sweets! I was amazed that I could do this, it just goes to show you that if you put your mind to something then you can get it done. The first 3 days were very difficult and I found myself eating cereal for dinner on those days because I just couldn’t think about having a savory meal. After the third day, I started to cook real dinner food again and it all goes from there. After day 3 it was a snap! I am definitely going to keep no sugar after dinner in tact for awhile because I would just rather enjoy the real thing once a week. Another outcome from no sugar after dinner week was that I am back to my happy weight again since moving to Charlotte. This wasn’t really a goal with no sugar after dinner week but it is definitely a plus.

Now, onto more funny things. Some of you may have noticed in my posts that I have said several times that I am scatter-brained. I seriously think of something that I have to do and then something else comes to mind and I completely forget about the other thing that I had to do. I have to make myself keep a list otherwise nothing would get done. Well, I have a hilarious story for you guys to show you just how scatter-brained I really am. I baked some delicious chocolate chunk blondies last night for my grandma. I threw together a quick recipe, it sounded good and it smelled amazing. After the blondies were done baking, I set them on the stove top to cool off. Well, I was watching gossip girl at the time so that is my main excuse.. But, while I was watching gossip girl I heard a weird cracking noise. I thought to myself.. what the heck is that? Ah, well.. I will fix it later. So, about an hour later after Gossip Girl, I made my way to the kitchen to take the brownies out of the baking dish and store them. Well, imagine my surprise when my glass baking dish was cracked down the middle. Yes, guys.. I had left the stove top on from when I cooked dinner earlier in the evening and sat the brownies on the hot stove top and the baking dish broke and all of my brownies were burnt to a crisp on the bottom. So, I ended up having to throw out the brownies and the brand new baking dish. Ah, the life of Haleigh… well, let’s just say now I will remember to turn off the stove top after dinner. But, honestly… that could have been dangerous if something crazy would have happened.. good thing it was the brownies that burnt and not my apartment! I consider myself lucky for that one, but it is definitely a funny story and shows you a little bit more of how I am, haha.

I am off to go clean the apartment before grandma gets here! Yes, I put off everything until the very last minute πŸ™‚ I will have my old camera today so I will be back to normal posting shortly. Enjoy your day!



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11 responses to “What was that noise??

  1. That picture of you and your Grandma is so cute!

  2. Love the photo of you and your grandma! The brownie thing sounds like something I would have done!

  3. Haha oh no about the brownies!! What a great picture of you and your Grandma! Gotta love it when there’s additional benefits from trying something (your no sweet challenge)!

  4. Yikes, that’s a bit of a scary story about the blondies! My sister just did that the other day though. She’s not neccessarily scatter-brained, she’s just careless most of the time and rather messy. She’s got this habit of putting stuff on the stove, like she’ll wash something and then set it to dry on the stove instead of on the drying-tray. This is exactly what she did the other day – she set our coffee pot (it’s a perculator so it’s got this plastic bottom that you set on an electric plate) and then proceeded to fry some stuff on the stove. Not paying attention she turns on the WRONG burner and after about 3 minutes I notice it smells burnt in a strange way, suddenly she’s saying “s*it, s*it, s*it” and running with the coffee pot out to the porch. She’d of course turned on the burner that the coffee pot was on! I absolutely HATE it when people put stuff on the stove that could melt or burn and I’m constantly putting away stuff that has been put on the stove, it scares me to death because I know how easy an accident happens and if that “thing” on the stove happens to be a towel or something the whole place will burn down. I’ve always got to tail my sister and pick up after her because she just doesn’t care and isn’t bothered by the extreme mess she leaves. Good thing nothing bad happened to you!!

  5. aw i love the pic of you and your grandma πŸ™‚ hope you guys have a wonderful timeee ❀

  6. Hehe long live the scatter brain! I’m glad nothing bad happened!

  7. love the photo of you and your grandma — too cute!

  8. What a cute photo of the two of you! πŸ™‚

    I’m glad that no one was injured in the great blondie incident!

    Congrats on doing so well with your “no sweet snacking after dinner” challenge. I’m very impressed. That would be super tough for me for sure! I should try that, but I might be too scared…

    Have a nice visit with your grandma!!

  9. Mom

    I hope you and Grandma have fun. I wish I was there with both of you! Love you baby!

  10. Ah that’s funny (but scary!) Good thing that glass dish didn’t completely explode or shatter!

    But I hear ya, I’ve done scatter-brained things like that before! πŸ™‚

    I went to heat up the broiler at one point, and after awhile I noticed smoke pouring out of the stove top (electric)! I was wondering how the heck that was happening, when my roommate runs out and says she had brownies cooling in the oven, right as the fire alarm starts going off! Eesh! Who cools brownies IN the still hot oven!?!?


  11. Bec

    have fun with your grandma!

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