Warning: Major Indulgences Ahead

Hi! Happy Monday! I hope every one had a fantastic weekend. Saturday was a fun, adventurous day, but Sunday.. not so much since I had to take Hans to the airport. The whole weekend was so hot!!! Now, don’t get me wrong.. I am not complaining about sunny, warm weather.. but 90 degrees??? In April?? It went straight form early spring to summer with nothing in between! After living in Sweden, I was not ready for that kind of heat. I felt pretty sick to my stomach on Saturday afternoon since we had been outside all day. The morning started out with 45 minutes of power yoga #2 from yogadownload. I am very flexible so my flexibility always takes over when I am practicing yoga, I am trying to focus on correcting the poses and increasing my strength.

For breakfast on Saturday, I was in a rush so I threw together something quick and delicious: Cereal!! My cereal bowl was a 1/2 cup mix of Peanut Butter puffins, Kashi Heart to Heart, 1/2 banana, and Fage 0% Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is always better with cereal than soymilk, it keeps me full until lunch (must be all that protein!!) and plain cereal with milk definitely does not.


Perfect for a hot morning! After breakfast we headed out to the farmer’s market. It was pretty small, but it was still cute and a lot of fresh herbs, breads and produce. We left a little after 9am and it was already over 80 degrees! Craziness.. The bakery stand at the farmer’s market that we purchased some items from was all organic and it took so much restraint not to buy everything she had baked! Haha.. everything looked so delicious! Here is what we ended up choosing from the bakery:  a loaf of whole grain cranberry nut bread.

Here is a photo of me walking back to the car from the farmer’s market with bread in hand:


After the farmer’s market adventure, we went to the park for a picnic! Of course, it had to include our delicious bakery finds. I brought some grapes along with the bread to attempt to balance the meal.


Cranberry nut bread, times 2! This bread was dense and it had a lot of dried fruit and nuts. Just the way that I like it!


Look at the freaking cool photo that Hans took of his bread:


After the picnic, we took a long walk in the forest by the park, and this is when the heat really started to get to me. We had to cut our walk short and go home because I was beginning to feel pretty sick. But no worries, after spending the afternoon in the air conditioning I was ready for more time outside! I didn’t need an afternoon snack on Saturday.. I wasn’t feeling well and the cranberry nut loaf did it’s job and kept me full 🙂 We went out to a new restaurant for us. Ilios Noche, is a Greek and Italian inspired restaurant in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte.The atmosphere of Ilios Noche was fun and contemporary, they had a beautiful patio so Hans and I decided that it would be the perfect night to dine outside, the sun had started to set  so it wasn’t do darn hot and it ended up being quite enjoyable. I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I asked the waiter what the most “Greek” thing on the menu was and he suggested the filo spinach pie which was leeks, spinach, feta, dill and a country phyllo dough. I was hesitant about this because I was afraid that it would be too creamy, or too cheesy or too greasy or something but I am glad I went with this choice because it wasn’t cheesy, creamy, or greasy at all. It was light and tasted great. On the side, I had the Ilios salad which was arugula, romaine, olives, and feta with a lemon vinaigrette.

Haleigh and the amazingly tasty Greek dish along with a glass of Vin de Crete:


I ate a little less than half of the spinach pie and all of the salad because I was saving room for this:


Oh my gosh!!! This is what makes “no sugar after dinner week” bearable!! I went 7 days without any sweets after dinner so I felt no guilt when I indulged in this little beauty. A molten chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice cream and cherries. It was perfection, a chocoholics dream. Hans and I were supposed to share dessert, but I ended up eating more than half of it, hehe 🙂 It was a fabulous Saturday to say the least and now I am looking forward to my grandma coming to visit me in Charlotte, she arrives tomorrow! How exciting! It will be nice to show my family where Hans and I will be living for the next few years.

I won’t have a camera until tomorrow but no worries I will be back with a recap of my feelings on “no sugar after dinner” week and how it went for me! Have a fantastic day lovelies!


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12 responses to “Warning: Major Indulgences Ahead

  1. Oh wow, that Cranberry nut bread! That looks delicious!!!!

  2. Cranberry nut bread looks divine! And so glad your no sugar after dinner was successful and allowed you to indulge with no guilt!

  3. Vani

    I don’t think that counts as “major” indulgence — it seems quite moderate 🙂

    You’re amazing at that yoga pose!! I’ve never been able to get my leg straight! awesome!

  4. The cranberry nut bread looks awesome!

  5. Mom is spending the night with me tonight. Yay! And then I’m going to be taking her to the airport tomorrow to come see you. Hope the two of you have fun taking in the sights and sounds of Charlotte together.

    • Yay, grandma is coming 🙂 I can’t wait until she gets here tomorrow, I am already counting down the hours! Have fun fighting with my mom over grandma’s attention, haha

  6. Haleigh you’re so pretty! I love your polka dot dress/shirt (not sure which it is!) That dinner sounds so tasty, but the cranberry loaf wins!! 🙂

    Enjoy time with your Grandma!!!

  7. That bread looks fantastic!! I know what you mean about the heat – it just zaps you 😦 You look gorgeous! What a great restaurant find!

  8. everything looks so good! i had a similiar molten cake this weekend 🙂 glad you had such a nice time! you are beautiful by the way girl! xo

  9. That bread looks delicious, I would love to find something nearby, I agree with jaime you are so pretty!

  10. Hey – I go to the same little farmer’s market and in fact was there this past Saturday, too! Although, we are there and gone by 8:00. Little Matthews rocks! It is small, but man does it get hopping in the middle of the summer. Keep coming you’ll be impressed by the produce, but get there early!

    This post would be great for the Farmer’s Market Report. I hope you’ll consider submitting it! http://toeverymeal.blogspot.com/2009/04/farmers-market-report-april-27th.html

  11. Bec

    that spinach pie looks so cool!

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