25 Randoms

Sweetie Michelle at Balance My Cake tagged me to do a survey, 25 random things about me, so here goes:

1. I lived in Oklahoma my entire life until I moved to Sweden.
2. I started gymnastics when I was 3, dancing when I was 6, and cheerleading when I was 10.
3. At one point, I was practicing gymnastics, dancing and cheerleading at once and my mom made me choose one because it took up so much time, I chose cheerleading.
4. Sometimes I wish that I would have chose dancing.
5. I like to go outside when tornadoes are close. I guess that’s what living in Oklahoma does to you. I can seriously smell it when a tornado is coming. Natural instincts, hehe.
6. I have been reading food blogs for almost a year, but never even commented until I finally got over my fears and started a blog of my own. It’s a very scary thing for me to express myself.
7. I lost my grandpa in 2005, we were very close and I haven’t been the same person since then.
8. I am a serious perfectionist. If I set my mind to do something then I will do it the right way or I won’t do it at all. *I hope this will hold true since I just started running more often 🙂 I really want to run a 5k when I get back from Germany!
9. I was an artist when I was younger and I started sketching again about a year ago.
10. I really have no idea what I want to major in when I start university again in August.
11. I would love to live in a big city but I am a “smaller” town girl at heart. (If you count Tulsa as small)
12. My mom and grandma are my best friends.
13. I had to grow up so fast when I moved to Sweden, but I have absolutely no regrets from living there for almost 2 years. I learned so much about myself that I couldn’t have learned any other way.
14. Before I moved to Sweden, I had only been in North America.
15. I adore musicals, I can’t wait to see Wicked again.
16. Speaking of Wicked, Kristen Chenoweth (the original Glinda the good witch) is from the same suberb of Tulsa that I am from. We graduated from the same high school!
17. Even though I was a cheerleader in high school, I was not the norm.. I am super shy and I like to keep to myself.
18. CHOCOLATE!!! Enough said.
19. Sometimes I think that I don’t deserve the wonderful life that I have, I have been so lucky to get the opportunities to travel abroad and to have met the love of my life at an early age.
20. I hate football. Everything from watching it on tv to going to games.
21. My dream job would be to travel all over the world and teach others about the world’s cuisines.
22. I like to think that I am a fashionista.
23. My wedding anniversary is my grandparents wedding anniversary too.
24. I am intrigued by my Cherokee heritage.
25. I didn’t know how to cook until I moved to Sweden. Seriously, I didn’t even know how to use a skillet then Hans’ mom taught me everything from preparing simple dishes to baking bread.

Happy Birthday Caitlin!!!!



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5 responses to “25 Randoms

  1. I have been dying to see Wicked on Broadway. I read the book but my sister said the show was fantastic. Thanks for sharing more info about yourself!

  2. Great list of things.
    I can completely relate to the passing of a grandparent. When my grandma passed away, I thus have not been the same ever since.

  3. Awesome! 🙂 I’m glad I got this peek into your life!

  4. We are a lot alike! Especially in regards to #6, 8, 9, 15, 17 & 18 🙂

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