Trying to listen

Wednesday started out just like any other Wednesday but in the middle of the day I was thinking a lot and came up with a whole new train of thought on my exercising than I have been in the past few weeks. Anyway, more on that later… back to food! For breakfast this morning, I had yet another fabulous breakfast cookie. I was seriously looking forward to this breakfast cookie since I went to bed, definitely a reason to get out of bed in the morning 🙂 My breakfast cookie was the same as yesterday: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 banana, 1/4 scoop protein powder, cinnamon, and mighty maple. I put it in the fridge before I went to bed and when I woke up it was happily waiting for me 🙂 Mmm.. delicious!


I went to yoga class at 12 yesterday afternoon. Noon is definitely an awkward time for me for a yoga class, so I held off lunch until afterward. Yoga+a full tummy never mix! I didn’t want to be starving during the middle of class though so I snacked on 1/3 of a banana with some barney butter about an hour before class. I haven’t deeply practiced yoga for a few weeks and I could definitely tell. My hips were so tight! After class it felt like I was walking on 2 foreign sticks, not my legs!! They felt so funky.. Anyway, I went to a gentle yoga class today for my first yoga class back which was a really good choice, it focused mostly on flexibility. On the way home from yoga class, I was stopped at a stoplight so I did a little thinking… I enjoy yoga so much. After every yoga class, I feel so accomplished and good about myself. So, why was I doing all this strength training when I don’t enjoy it? I mean yeah, maybe it could give me six pack abs but in my opinion, I am perfectly content with my somewhat toned tummy and it’s really not worth it to me to do something that I don’t enjoy. Life is just too short ya know? I would much rather go to a yoga class, that I love going to, than spending some quality time with gym machines. I would rather be running/walking in the nature, shaking my booty at zumba, or spending time with myself doing yoga. But, that’s just me… and then it got me thinking even more… Why do I tell my body what it needs instead of listening to what it needs? I find myself saying oh.. haleigh, you need to eat “this” for lunch today! But, is that what my body needs that day? I don’t know.. because I am not listening.. I mean sure, I listen to my body way more now than I did 2 years ago when I existed on 100 calorie packs and HFCS infused granola bars.. but still, I am really going to try and focus on listening to my body in the next few days. Anyway, a lot of thinking in 5 minutes at a stoplight! haha…. so, after yoga class I really tried to listen to my body. I wasn’t that hungry even though it was after 1 o’clock so I waited for awhile to see what happened. Usually, this would stress me out, just not knowing what I was going to eat for lunch but it didn’t today. About 30 minutes later I felt a little hungry so I made myself a salad. Romaine, spinach, tomato and edamame.. instead of vinaigrette I tossed some cottage cheese in the salad. It was light and refreshing.


After the salad, I listened again.. was I full? still hungry? Well, I was satisfied.. not hungry or full, okay.. so I stopped there. About an hour later my tummy started to feel empty so I had a slice of Ezekiel toast w/some pumpkin butter. Mmmm.. warm, bread. Definitely hit the spot! Anyway, sorry for the super long rambling.. I will get on with it now, I was just speaking my mind!


Still listening.. I had a fruit platter for an afternoon snack, just some tasteless strawberries and yummy grapes:


We went to Barnes and Noble Wednesday evening to look around and pick up a book that Hans needs for his job. When we got back it was getting pretty late so I didn’t feel like cooking. So, I had a veggie burger on a whole wheat english muffin w/some spinach, goat cheese, tomatoes… and ketchup!! No burger is complete without ketchup 🙂


I had some cottage cheese on the side:


I am proud to say that I have successfully gotten through “No Sugar After Dinner Week” Day 5*lol I changed the name, I have been calling it Crap Free Week* And I am even more happy to say that I had no sugar cravings after dinner. This is the first time since I started this whole ordeal that I have honestly not wanted any dessert, Awesome! I hope it’s sunny and warm where you are. I am off to go enjoy the weather!

Edited to add: I just found out that I get to go on a weekend trip to Italy when I am on my trip abroad!!! EEEeee… I am so excited!



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9 responses to “Trying to listen

  1. I think that is a great idea in terms of listening to your body. What is your body wanting to eat? And then eat it. 😀

  2. Awesome insight! Sometimes I feel I should be doing X workout but if I don’t enjoy it, there is no point. Listening to body and mind is definitely good.

  3. your breakfast cookie always looks absolutely perfect! makes me want one tomorrow 🙂

  4. LOVE the new header!! Fantastic realization when it comes to working out and healthy eating – I wish everyone would come to a conclusion like you have!

    CC and veggie burger, yum!!

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog! this is such a great post!!!! your mind sounds so balanced. i used to feel that mine was as well but it has been in a funk lately…posts like this one are such a great reminder so THANK YOU!

  6. Bec

    your veggie burger looks great!

  7. Italy!? Lucky you, I think going there would be amazing!! Have FUN!

  8. You get to go to Italy!!?? Ahh, you’re so lucky and I’m super jealous. I’ve been wanting to go to Italy forever since I’m part Italian!

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