Tekakor and CFW Update


Today has been more eventful for me than usual because I baked some delicious bread this afternoon. Hans has been just about begging me to try his grandma’s bread recipe, he even sent the recipe to my email translated into English. So, I saw that as a sign that he was really wanting some of grandma’s home baking. The bread recipe uses a lot of milk and butter, so this is not one of the healthier bread recipes that I have baked but that’s okay because the bread was 100% whole wheat. You gotta give a little and take a little.. ya know? The recipe was very simple and easy but I just love baking bread so it was still a fun afternoon. The bread dough was way more moist than most of the breads that I have baked in the past but I think that this is due to all of the butter. Here is the dough pre-rise:


After the first rise, I rolled these babies into a bun, flattened them out, poked em’ w/a fork, let them rise again and then baked them. Here is the final product.


The ‘Tekakor’ passed the test! Hans said that they tasted really good, and just like the ones that his grandmother bakes πŸ™‚ Seeing as that his grandma has cooked/baked some of the best food that I have ever tasted, this one is definitely a winner!

**Onto other things. Here are my thoughts and a little update on CFW thus far: My main goal with CFW was to get rid of my late night sugar cravings. I have gotten in the habit of having a little something sweet almost every night after dinner. I know that for some people this is totally their thing and they can enjoy a little something sweet every day but that just isn’t me. I would much rather indulge in a delicious restaurant dessert or some candy once every few weeks than a 100 kcal faux dessert every night, but again.. that is just me.

I am on CFW Day 4 and so far so good! Day 1-3 I had a bowl of cereal for dinner because I knew that I would need something sweet at night for a few days to gradually get myself out of the after dinner sugar habit. Last night has been the most difficult night, by far. Hans and I were watching Chuck (the tv show) and all I could think about were those damn Vitabrownies in the freezer!! Now, this is a bit frustrating when you are trying to enjoy some quality tv time with the hubby. But, I told myself that I didn’t need them and it was a bad habit that I needed to kick to the curb and I eventually got into the tv show and the sugar craving disappeared. Score!! …Haleigh-3, Sugar-0. After I totally kicked the sweet tooth monster’s ass last night, I knew that I could go back to eating normal dinners instead of the cereal bowl. And well… I cooked dinner tonight, it was not a sweet meal, and so far, so good! I really thought this would be more difficult than it was and I am definitely proud of myself for the past 3 days without dessert because I have a huge sweet tooth. Anyway, catch ya later ladies! Have a fabulous evening!!


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3 responses to “Tekakor and CFW Update

  1. Hey sweetie!

    Want to bake for me full time? Thanks πŸ˜‰
    Also, what did you do for CFW? I’m going to start on FRIDAY!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, THOSE LOOK SO GOOD!

  3. That bread sounds delicious!! Is it savory or sweet?

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