I enjoy running…??

Good evening! I hope that every one had a fabulous weekend! Yesterday we had perfect weather in Charlotte and today was a bit cloudy and cooler but it was perfect for a run! Hans and I decided to go on another run today. I ran so much better today than I did yesterday. It is amazing how much a difference one run can make. I could feel a huge improvement and Hans even noticed! We ran a little bit further than yesterday but it just felt easier for me today and I hit a steady pace and stayed with it. We ran around a small lake and in the forest. It was just so calming. I never thought that I would actually enjoy running. I think it is a combination of running with Hans and being outdoors. I have never been a good runner. I was always the last to finish when we had to run for P.E. or cheerleading. The only race I can remember participating in was in elementary school and I don’t even think I could finish it! However, I am going to definitely keep up with running. I find myself wanting to get better so I am just going to go with it! After my fantastic run this afternoon, I really wanted to sign up for a 5k, but I think I am getting a bit ahead of myself so I am just going to take it slow and see how it turns out. After running, I did a short yoga session, some crunches and called it a day for my workout!

I had an amazing lunch today! Hans wanted my famous “pesto salmon/chicken” for lunch. The recipe can be used for salmon or chicken. I prefer salmon but chicken was all we had, so chicken it was! The recipe is very simple. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, mix some pesto and light mayo together and top on the chicken, bake at 375 for 35 minutes and it’s done! It is Hans favorite recipe I have ever made and it is so freaking easy! Hans had his pesto chicken over pasta and I had my chicken with romaine, spinach and a tomato. It was a fabulous lunch! I opted for a light dressing on my salad/chicken instead of the pesto/mayo mixture. My simple salad dressing was some honey mustard, 1 tsp pesto, lemon juice and a bit of water to thin it out.


Happy Birthday Mom!! I am sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with every one! šŸ˜¦ It kind of sucks I have missed so much since I moved to Sweden. But, only one more week until Hans goes to Germany!! I won’t leave for 2 weeks after he leaves. Since I don’t know any one in Charlotte yet, my grandma is coming to stay with me for a little vacation while Hans is gone! I can’t wait to see her, we are very close and it feels like I haven’t spent that much time with her since I moved back to the states. Anyway, I am sure you guys are dying to know how I am doing with “Crap Free Week”. Well, I am eating crap free on my own terms and that means as much veggies and fruit as possible and cutting down on the sweets. I had a huge sugar craving after dinner but I took a bath and made some tea and the craving vanished! Awesome! Hopefully, it will be this easy for the rest of the week. I am hoping to go to bed early tonight! Good night ladies!


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7 responses to “I enjoy running…??

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!
    And great job with kicking that sugar craving – great idea!

  2. Happy birthday to your Mom. Great job on kicking the craving off!

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom, its my dad’s tomorrow!

  4. Way to go with kicking the craving AND enjoying the run!! Happy Birthday to your Mom šŸ™‚

  5. happy birthday mom šŸ˜€ Great will power on the sugar craving! I notice that a lot of times it means i’m thirsty, so weird!

  6. happy birthday to your mum! i love that salad– looks great! and as for your last post– no worries about the few lb girl– seriously if your BFF asked u if she looked like she gained 3 lb could you tell? NO WAY!! probably not even if she gained 10! i totally kno what you mean tho that you just want to get back down to your “happy weight” but you are not far from it one bit– so dont stress love!! oxoxox

  7. Happy birthday to your mom!
    That salad looks perfect!

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