Countdown to May 10!!!

Good afternoon girls! (any guys yet?)

Today has been a 10 on the fabulosity scale, so far! The weather is perfect for spring, sunny and 70! My kinda day.. after almost 2 years of dealing with Sweden’s super cold weather, I am so happy when the weather is nice. You really learn to appreciate the sun when it is gone for about 6 months out of the year! And no.. I am not exaggerating about that, it was seriously cold for me for half of the year. Not a pretty picture when you are used to warm weather all the time. Hans, on the other hand, loves the winter.. to each their own 🙂

I took Hans to work this morning so I could have the car and I went to the gym on my way home. I am a complete morning workout person. If I wait until afternoon to work out, it won’t get done unless I am going to the yoga studio. I hamstered it up on the elliptical for 20 minutes with the resistance at 8 and then I did a short treadmill walk with an incline of 5% for 10 minutes and then cooled down. I did some circuit training as well with the help of the girl who owns the gym. My body felt sore immediately after leaving the gym, it was glorious! On the drive home from the gym, I couldn’t think of anything besides oats and barney butter, a good thing the gym is only 1 mile from my apartment!! This was the first time to try BB in my oats, and it tasted good but I was disappointed because the taste of the almond butter sort of got lost in my oatmeal. When I add Mighty Maple to my oats, I can always distinctly taste it.. next time maybe I will add a tiny bit more to see if that makes any difference because I added less than a tbsp this time.

1/2 cup oats, 1/2 of a banana, cinnamon and some BB w/a dash of vanilla soy milk:


After breakfast, I did a quick 30 minute yoga practice on my own. It felt amazing to stretch my sore muscles after my morning workout. After yoga, I cleaned the kitchen because it seems like my kitchen always has a mini tornado going through it every day. After cleaning, I set out to do some reading at the coffee shop. I spotted a caribou coffee the other day and I had never been there before so I decided to try it out. I ordered a medium soy latte, it was fantastic! and right by our new apartment.. another plus! (no photo of the latte, sorry!!) After sipping on my latte and reading, I walked over to the grocery store (BBBC challenge) across the street and picked up a few things to cook for dinner tonight or tomorrow. I just couldn’t resist the salad bar for lunch. It had so much variety and it looked delicious! I hardly ever make salads for myself for lunch because some of my veggies always end up going bad. My yummy salad contained:

spinach, spring mix and romaine lettuce
sun-dried tomato tofu
black olives
shredded carrots

My salad was drizzled with a light vinaigrette dressing. I love the feeling of my tummy after eating a light yet fulfilling salad!


And for the good news today.. I am leaving for Germany on May 10!!! Ahh wow, we are so lucky! I haven’t really planned anything to do there yet but I am going to visit a few friends. Also, Hans and I will take some weekend trips but come on, a free trip to Germany? How amazing is that?? Hans leaves on April 26 and I leave 2 weeks later and we will both be in Germany until June 6. FOUR weeks in Germany, so exciting!



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11 responses to “Countdown to May 10!!!

  1. Love soy lattes! Your salad looks so fresh and delicious.

  2. ahh 4 weeks in germany, for free?? that’s amazing and i’m dying of jealousy. i’ve never beem!

    even though your bb got lost in the bowl, it looks beautiful and perfect perched right on top like that 🙂

  3. SO exciting Haleigh! Yay, you’re going to have a great time 🙂

    Yeah, I tried a sample of BB I got in the mail…ehh, it was so-so to me. I’m not as hyped about it as some other bloggers are, but it was tasty enough!

    My abs are SO sore today from a workout yesterday so I hear ya…isn’t it a great feeling!? 🙂

  4. ahhh what wonderful news! youre going to have SUCH a great time!!! better take lots and lots of pics for us!

  5. Haha Sweden sounds like Michigan! Morning workouts are the way to go!

    Have SO much fun in Germany – drinks lots of beer and eat lots of pretzels for me!

  6. Oh wow, this is awesome!!!!! You’re going to have a blast!!!

  7. 4 weeks in Germany and above all free, that is super awesome.

    The salad looks so vibrant and fresh!

  8. Soy lattes rock! Wow what an awesome day – thanks for the description of it, the positivity is leaking into my brain. I hope to have a similar day today!

  9. Any plans to take a weekend trip to Sweden? 🙂 Let me know if you do!!

    Great job keeping active today with the gym, yoga, cleaning and errands! And nice oats. I’m so jealous you got to try Barney Butter!

  10. Hi Haleigh! have fun in Germany! thank you so much for stopping by my blog! cant wait to see all the pics from the trip

  11. sarahdbelle

    You are so lucky! I hope you have a truly wonderful time ; )

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