Welcome Home

Dang, these last few days have been so busy! I have barely had time to sit down. In 48 hours, we decided what area of Charlotte we wanted to live, looked at potential apartments, decided which apartment, 1 huge Ikea shop, a new tv, set up cable/internet and our first grocery stop. And, I am sure that I have probably forgot something that we did! I can’t wait for the weekend when everything has calmed down a little so we can go out and explore uptown and the other fabulous areas in Charlotte! Now, onto the eats! I am very proud of myself, I must say… in the past when I have traveled like this, I usually take it to the extreme. I get freaky of everything that I put in my mouth or I don’t care at all. My goal with moving and our little road trip was to eat whole, nutritious foods as much as possible and if I couldn’t due to the circumstances, then I just go with it. I have come to trust my knowledge of well-being recently, and I have started to appreciate it. Here are some of the foods that I have been eating, honestly… I have no idea what day these were or when, haha I can’t remember, too many things have been going on.


In the car I had a Carrot Cake Clif Bar, this bar tasted fantastic.. it was a bit too sweet for breakfast but I would definitely eat these again as a pre/post workout snack.


Breakfast in the car, take 2: An apple and a Clif Nectar bar:


Quaker Instant Oatmeal w/a banana at the hotel on Wednesday and Thursday:



In the car, I snacked on 2 apples, a whole lot of grapes!!



Subway, a 6 inch on honey oat bread with turkey, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, and pickles with a little honey mustard. If all else fails, there is always Subway!!


Delicious Salad w/a lot of nutritious veggies that I can’t remember which ones I threw in. I love salad bars, and there is one right by our apartment.



On Monday night, we were starving!! I snacked on fruit throughout the whole day but I didn’t have a real lunch, so we got off the highway somewhere in Nashville, and found an amazing Japanese restaurant around the corner, we really lucked out!


I had shrimp, scallops and veggies. The meal came with rice too but I really don’t like rice that has been prepared at asian restaurants.


Black bean soup, greek salad and whole grain baguette at panera:


We went to Bonefish Grill last night, for some reason I was really craving chicken so I got their Lily’s chicken with spinach and goat cheese, it tasted fabulous!! I love goat cheese! I scraped a little off after the photo though because it was a bit too much.


I am so glad to finally be able to sit down for more than 5 minutes! I feel like I have gotten more exercise now than I have in a long time because we are on the third floor, and had to move all of our stuff up there, which means walking up and down the stairs more times than I can even count!! Also, I have done all of Angela’s
challenges in the hotel room before I go to bed! Score.. I am really feeling this bikini body challenge, I am excited about it! I think it is a fantastic idea and hopefully will give me a little more confidence this summer at the beach!

Oh my gosh, I just have to say something totally cool that I did today. I was trying to find the Wal Mart by our apartment to pick up some cleaning supplies, and I sort of got lost.. I managed to find the Wal Mart but I was a bit frazzled from not knowing my way around. Well, I did the most embarrassing thing that I ever could have. I walked into the men’s bathroom instead of the ladies. Oh, yes I did!! Ahhh, I was just making my way to do my business and a guy walked in and looked at me like wtf?? And said “Ma’am, I think your in the wrong bathroom”.. oh wow, I could feel my cheeks get red as I left and went to the ladies. I am so glad that no one was in there when I walked in though. Haha, at least I can laugh about it.

I am so glad to be back to blogging, it may be a bit sporadic still but definitely more than the last few days! Can’t wait to explore Charlotte this weekend!!!



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11 responses to “Welcome Home

  1. The black bean soup at Panera’s is TO DIE FOR!

  2. What fantastic eats, I have a long road trip coming up and you’ve definitely showed me it’s not impossible to eat well on the road!

  3. I have walked into the wrong bathroom before…worst of all it was at a swimming pool! Glad you are arrived safely.

  4. That’s hilarious about the bathroom mixup. You need to post some pics of your apartment. Glad you safely found the Walmart by where you live.

  5. PANERA!!!

    HAHA that’s too funny about the bathroom! I’ve so done that before. In my defense it was one of those restaurants that try to be “cool” and label their bathrooms something other than “men” “women” – sooooo not cool πŸ˜‰

  6. The bathroom mix up is funny! Great food choices and yay on sticking with the exercise inspite of having busy and hectic days!

    PS- I love the black bean soup!

  7. Hahaha, hilarious with the bathroom!!! Because you know what? I DID THAT ONCE BEFORE TOO. But ugh, there were two guys in the urninal. And I was like… SHIT!. And walked out. I’m sooo cool.

  8. AW no way! LOL eh it’s okay, we all have done it! πŸ™‚

    SO glad you’re lovin’ your new place…and you did an excellent job of eating healthy while traveling/moving..great job girlie!!

  9. Sounds like quite the trip! I’m so happy to hear you already feel so comfortable and excited about being there! And lol at the bathroom incident… ah well, could have happened to any one of us! I know more than well how sometimes when you’re confused/frazzled like that and your mind is somewhere completely elsewhere you forget or aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing.

    Looks like you got in some good eats during your trip. Good for you keeping it so healthy, it’s so easy to eat “bad” while on the road!

    Good luck with getting settled in!

  10. Wow what a whirl wind time! Awesome that you found a balance in the food – I’m the same when I travel! It really helps to make at least a few healthy choices – then you don’t feel so run down.

  11. I’m glad you are getting settled in, but wow! What a flurry of activity!! I’m so impressed that you managed to eat in a sane fashion. When faced with that sort of scenario, I usually end up eating crazy things!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend, and find some new favorite haunts!! πŸ™‚

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