Southern twang

Today has been non-stop! I feel like the time is going by so fast and before I know it, it will be my last day in Tulsa for awhile. It was hard to stay motivated to keep myself busy today because the weather is just so dark and stormy, I just wanna cuddle up with my blanket on the couch and watch t.v. but despite the urge to be a bum, I got a lot of things done today. (Pat on the back) I stayed in tonight though because I just wanted to get more stuff organized and done for the move and hang out with my mom so I could spend as much time as I can with her before we move. My mom and I are really close so I want to make sure that I am making the best use of my last few days here.

I made a ton of phone calls to Charlotte today and it is so hard not to laugh when I call these places and hear huge Southern accents, sometimes I have to make sure I am really listening otherwise I can’t understand them! Haha, I guess they think that I have an accent too but the southern accent is really thick and they speak ssoooo darn slow. Ah, well.. I will get used to it! Before I know it I may have a southern twang myself.

I probably won’t be blogging consistently for the next few days since there is so much to get caught up with, it is really one of the last things on my mind. I will still be blogging as much as I can though. But, don’t you worry.. I will be back to normal blogging in about a week or so. 🙂 This afternoon, I attempted the 1st phase of the OSG’s Bikini Body Boot Camp. The challenge was to do 3 sets of push ups and to choose 2 different ab exercises that Wiggs’ posted. Now, I am not one for push ups. I just cannot do them! Give me any ab exercise imaginable and I can do it easily… but push ups, nu-uh!! So, I attempted 3 sets of push ups. The most that I could do was 3 sets of 5, whimpy and sad, I know! And my arms were seriously shaking. Hans was just sitting there laughing at me and then decided to do about 50 push ups beside my 5 whimpy ones… show off!! For the ab’s part of the challenge, I chose to do pikes and reverse curls. I did 3 sets of 12, I can definitely feel the burn now! And for my own part of the challenge (thighs and booty) I stumbled upon this and I knew that it would be perfect for what I wanted to accomplish. I held each pose for 10 breaths and then repeated twice. Man oh man, this boot camp is definitely going to be a challenge for me. I do want to try some new types of exercise besides asanas so I will be looking for those in the future as well. After all that bikini boot camping, I was starving for dinner! My mom and I opted for sushi take out! Perfect for a Friday night in. Since it was storming, we were lazy and had it delivered. I ordered my usual out of control roll which was tuna, salmon and avocado and  I had a seaweed salad on the side. I adore sushi night! If I could have it my way, I would have sushi and cereal night every night, hehe.

Seaweed Salad:


Out of control roll:


Let’s back up a little to this afternoon, shall we? I guess I got a little ahead of myself 🙂 I had a Kombucha in Raspberry flavor as part of my afternoon snack.


I don’t know if any of you have braved it up enough to try these but let me just tell you that I, as well as Courtney, am obsessed with these. I have tried the Grape, Strawberry and Raspberry flavors and I have enjoyed every single one. I know some people who drink them for the health benefits only, but I actually really enjoy the taste and the drink kind of gives you a ‘buzz type’ feeling? Weird.. I did notice there was less than 0.5% alcohol in them due to the fermentation process, maybe that’s it? Haha nah. After you get past the vinegar smell and floaties (yeah, sounds disgusting) it has a unique, refreshing taste. I really enjoy them. I can tell that these are going to be an issue with the bank account. So far I have only bought 2 a week, so far so good!

Now, off to enjoy a night of relaxation and quality time with my mommy! Does any one have any fun plans for the weekend?


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5 responses to “Southern twang

  1. That drink looks yummy! I think I have seen them here, but they looked pricey. I am going to a friend birthday & a school spring gala!

  2. Push ups: I used to be as weedy, but if you stick with it, you WILL become better at them and feel great about yourself! Just keep at it – don’t worry about how deep you went, as long as you feel the burn. You’ll get stronger!

    I’ve given you an award! Here’s the link

  3. Good luck with all the craziness these next few days!!

    Never tried that drink but I laughed at the floaties comment!

  4. Good luck with the moving!

    No plans for the weekend it is going to be a boring one, lots of study to do!

  5. haha i have a buzzed feeling after i drink them to! so funny! love that seaweed salad and sush!

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