Bikini Body Boot Camp..?

I was catching up on my blog reading and came across this post by Angela at Oh She Glows. I am tempted to take on the challenge since I never feel too comfortable in a swim suit. I think it will give me the motivation that I need to tone up for the summer, which is much needed after a cold, dark Swedish winter. I am not sure if I will enter the challenge officially via Oh She Glows but I have been leaning toward it. I am at the weight that is ideal for me right now so my goal would not be to lose any weight just to tone up. I have a thin build but I haven’t been very toned since I was a gymnast/cheerleader. Hopefully, this would give me a little more confidence to strut my stuff come summer time! Ya know, since the beach is about 3 hours away! So exciting! However, I have absolutely no idea how I should do this? My body has toned up a lot in the arms and core area since I began practicing yoga but my thighs and booty are definitely not that toned! My usual weekly exercise consists of yoga, walking and the occasional run so I am open to suggestions! I was thinking to add a little more running to my weekly exercise along with some strength training exercises. However, I have never done any type of strength training! Ahh, I know! It is just kind of intimating to me, I guess. I won’t have access to a gym either because I would rather put my money toward the yoga studio, so I will be looking for some thigh/booty exercises outside of the gym soon for the challenge. Also, I am going to start running 3-4 days a week instead of the 2 days a week that I have been doing. I won’t be able to officially start the challenge until I move to Charlotte since we have so many things to get together before we move, but I am going to get everything put together for what I will do for the boot camp and let you guys know what my plan will be as soon as I figure it out! 🙂 However, my main focus will be on the lower body as well as increasing the intensity of my core workouts. Also, Angela would like for for all the participants to take a photo in a bikini (oh, no!!) and take measurements. I probably won’t take a photo in a bikini, a tank top/shorts photo sounds a lot better to me instead. But, if all goes well maybe I will build up enough confidence to post my “after” photo in a bikini! I will post a “before” photo with measurements when we get settled in Charlotte, I am going to say about 2 weeks. I am going to gradually ease myself into the challenge and hopefully be going full force in 2 weeks! I am enjoying all of the challenges that the blog world has come up with, first the forbidden foods challenge and now this! I think these are great way to learn how to step out of the box and to change your normal routine. I am off to start on the first part of the challenge, 3 sets of push ups and and 2 of Wigg’s abs exercises. Does any one have any good workout ideas for the challenge? Are you interested in participating as well?

I could never post without a photo, so here is a snack that Hans ate yesterday. A soft-boiled egg with Kalles’ kaviar. Mmmm… sounds delicious??? haha..




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5 responses to “Bikini Body Boot Camp..?

  1. I may join too- I need motivation for my honeymoon Mexican cruise!

  2. I joined! For butt/thighs, the best toning exercises are good ol’ squats and lunges. You can mix things up by jumping between each squat/lunge or by doing them sideways to work different muscle groups. Do ’em while you’re watching t.v. and you’ll be s-o-r-e the next day!

  3. For toning definitely do strength training! Lifting weights is my favorite form of exercise – I just feel so strong! Good luck with the challenge if you choose to do it 🙂

  4. I just saw that post about Bikini Body Bootcamp over at Oh She Glows yesterday (or was it today?) and I totally want to join! “Challenges” like that are such motivators and now that’s it’s only about two months until it’s warm enough to start whipping out the shorts, tank tops and (eventually) bikini… I definitely need to put the exercising into super-mode. 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic weekend! I have to hit the sack now, I’ve got an exam ALL day tomorrow… bleh. :/

  5. priyankalovesfood

    I am planning to join the BBB too for my trip to Hawaii this summer. Keeping my fingers crossed for the trip!!

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