Just as I thought, this evening was 100 times better than today! My mom treated us to a lovely dinner to honor our move and the start of a new life! Hans got to choose which restaurant he wanted to go to tonight and of course, being a guy, he chose pizza!! haha, BUT not just any pizza… He chose Hideaway pizza! which just so happens to be the best pizza in Oklahoma! It is not a normal pizza joint, it is a little more up scale. I went to Hideaway a few weeks ago with some friends and talked a little bit more about the restaurant in this post. Tonight, we ordered half buffalo chicken and half Mediterranean. Oh. My. Gosh. it was divine. The best pizza I have ever tasted! The Mediterranean was served on Hideaway’s signature hand-tossed crust which was the perfect “in-between” of a thick and a thin crust pizza with a garlic and olive oil glaze. On top of the pizza was fresh spinach, a blend of mozzarella and feta cheeses, and sun-dried tomatoes. It was delicious! I was absolutely starving for dinner! I was so nauseous this afternoon that I had to skip lunch and my afternoon snack which made for a very hungry Haleigh come dinner time! I ordered a side salad to calm my ravenous hunger! It worked like a charm but of course I still had room for 2 slices of Mediterranean heaven! It was kind of inappropriate to take a lot of photos at dinner but I managed to sneak one good photo in of the fabulous pizza!

Definitely droolworthy!!


I am off to watch the Biggest Loser!

XOXO, Have a fabulous evening πŸ™‚


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11 responses to “MMmmm….Mediterranean

  1. Oh wow, that does look like a MIGHTY tasty pizza!

  2. Mmm that pizza looks fantastic!! Pizza is the ultimate celebration/comfort/anytime food! It’s wonderful

    And thumbs way UP for the Biggest Loser πŸ˜€

    Have a great night!


  4. *drools* looks delishioso! (invented word? possibly!) xxx

  5. sarahdbelle

    Oh, wow! That pizza looks like heaven. Yum!

  6. YUM! i loveeeee a good pizza and that one certainly looks amazing!

  7. I love pizza! Definitely worth it when they make it like that!

    Did you like The Biggest Loser, I was glad they sent Aubrey home, but was scared when she said she gained back 9 pouns right away!! Yikes!!

  8. That pizza looks amazing!!!

  9. Oh wow, that looks like a fantastic pizza!

  10. priyankalovesfood

    That pizza looks fantastic, I am drooling!!

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