No more transition!

Good evening ladies! (Or I’m assuming ladies, any gentlemen besides my husband? lol) I hope every one had a fabulous Monday! I know I sure did!! Usually I am dreading Monday’s because that is the start to the work week and it means I have to wait a whole 5 days until the weekend! BUT this Monday was different because we got the awesome phone call this morning! Hans got the job in Charlotte, NC and we will be moving next week!! Whoa, I am so excited but it is just so soon! We have a ton of stuff to do before the move but it feels like we have been in a transition for so long and I am happy to finally start our lives somewhere. However, I have never even been to Charlotte and I have no idea where to look for an apartment so we have a lot of work to do! AHhh.. oh well, we will figure it out!

After my glorious run on Sunday, I knew that I had to keep trying and that maybe running and I weren’t so bad together afterall so I went out for another run this morning! It went okay but it was so windy, like tornado-style windy, that it made it quite difficult and harder to breath. I ran the same route as Sunday but it was just harder. I am going to keep going with it though! I was thinking about creating a training plan or something but since I am such a beginner, I am just going to run and stop when I feel like it until I get a little better at it. After my run, I was hot and sweaty so all I was feelin’ for breakfast was a nice, cold smoothie! Mmmm.. awesome breakfast! In my smoothie was 1 small banana, 1 cup vanilla soy milk, and about a tbsp of plain yogurt. No green monster for me today! I was out of spinach this morning.

(Lovin’ the Disney World glass, I think we got it when I was in elementary school!!)


The morning was spent in complete and utter happiness and shock! I was just kind of telling myself that he wouldn’t get the job so that I wouldn’t be disappointed. So, it is just crazy to think that he did and we will be moving so soon!! I am so happy to finally have our own apartment again and our own kitchen to cook and bake in when I please. It kind of sucks not being able to cook what you want to since you are living in some one else’s home. But no more of that!!

For lunch, I had an asparagus/mushroom/tofu salad! Delish!! I took leftover asparagus and mushrooms that we grilled last night for dinner and added some tofu to it to round out the meal. It was bursting with flavor and kept me full for hours, which makes the perfect meal in my book!


During the afternoon, we were trying to figure out a plan for the move and went to Target for a small grocery trip for this evening’s meal. For an afternoon snack I had some Mighty Maple PB sandwiched between a small banana! Perfect combo! I can never seem to get enough of this snack! Sidenote: I am so glad that I will be able to buy my own peanut butter for awhile and not have my mom send it to me every few months like she would have had to if we would have moved back to Sweden, haha yes I made my mother send me peanut butter and nutrition bars when I lived there. 🙂


Tonight was a celebration dinner! Hans has been wanting me to cook a Swedish recipe for him for a few days now and what a perfect night for it and to celebrate the occasion with good food! The recipe was not healthy whatsoever but Hans never has a preference for what I cook so I knew that I couldn’t complain about it 🙂 We took 1 pork tenderloin seasoned it with salt and pepper and cooked it on the stove, after the pork was cooked-through we added sun-dried tomatoes, light sour cream, about a tsp of dijon mustard, and 1 tsp soy sauce, heated everything in the skillet and then served it over rice. Also to start, we made a salad of romaine lettuce and tomatoes.

Chianti (ya know…since this is a celebration!):


Side salad of romaine, tomatoes and vinaigrette:


Main entree, I wasn’t feelin’ the pork so I substituted with a veggie burger instead, it was an amazing recipe, every one thoroughly enjoyed it!

Brown rice with prepared sauce and sun-dried tomatoes:


Mushroom Lover’s Veggie Burger:


And I was really craving something sweet tonight so I had a half of a whole wheat english muffin with some peanut butter and a ton of chocolate chips!!


And even after a little dessert my sweet tooth monster is still going crazy!! How do you guys calm the beast? I am going to try and sip on some herbal tea and hopefully that helps.

I know that my eating habits are going to be a bit off these next few weeks so I am trying to deal with that in the best way that I can. A lot of plans have been made already for dinners out and people cooking for us as a good bye party type-thing, and I am just going to enjoy being around my closest family and friends, even if it is around food, before we move away and make healthy choices as much as I can. Hope that every one had a great start to the work week!



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20 responses to “No more transition!

  1. How do you manage to get your pb and banana to look so perfect? I tried it once and it was so messy!

  2. The asparagus mushroom stir fry looks so good. I am a big fan of veggie stir fries and always looking for variations.

  3. Oh my gosh, scrumptious eats! And that Disney cup is awesome! I love keeping childhood things. I still sleep with my blanket from when I was a kid. =D I’m cool, I know!

  4. I usually calm the sweetness pangs with eating more sweets! Congrats to Hans, where will you be moving?

  5. Whoops, realized I miss you will be moving to Charlotte!

  6. Wow you two do move very soon! Good luck with all of that!! I love your dessert – the mound of chocolate chips 🙂

  7. mmmmm that english muffin needs to be in my belly! Such a great snack!

  8. hey girl ! what exciting news! i love how you are just goin with it! 🙂 omg ur eats look TOO good! sundried tomatoes are my fav!! ok i’m a bit confused- where are you living now? i thought you were still in sweden?? my bad!! congrats to you and hubhub on the move 🙂 best of luck

    • We were in Sweden for almost 2 years but then decided to move back to the states so that I could finish my degree but had no luck with the horrible job market right now so we decided to go back to Sweden in April and then a company in Charlotte showed interest in Hans so we were hoping he would get this job or we would go back, so it was either we were moving to Charlotte or back to Sweden in April 🙂

  9. i soooo have those disney glasses!!

  10. that is one of my favoriteeeeee desserts!!!!

    english muffin + peanut butter + chocolate chips is seriously one of the best combinations ever!

  11. Hey girl – CONGRATS on the good news! That’s great! As for the running: the web is a great place for resources. What you need to think about is what kind of goal you’d like to set yourself. Then you can base your plan on the goal. Also, you can alternate different types of runs: long, endurance runs, runs with sprints, “rough terrain” runs, quick speedy runs, etc.

    And as for this week: enjoy it girl! It’s a week of celebrations. Just remember to focus on hydration and fruit & veg to start and everything will be just dandy.

  12. Oh and I came across this part of – maybe a good place to start for some training plans? also has some.

  13. Love your Disney Land glass, so cute! Good for you keeping at the running and not giving up when things feel tough. I think you’re doing the right thing going at your own pace and walking when you need to. I run occassionally. I try to run a couple of times a week but when the weather is chilly like now my motivation is low. During the summers I run for an hour every day, it’s fantastic. I hope everything goes well with packing and planning, I can imagine there is a lot to think about and do but don’t let the stress get the best of you. Remember to stop and breathe every once in a while and allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement about this new chapter you and Hans are embarking on! Puss & Kram!

  14. gina (fitnessista)

    peanut butter and chocolate chips have to be the most perfect combo ever!!!
    congrats on the good news! that’s wonderful!
    hope you have a great day ❤

  15. Congrats on the move! How exciting. I actually have liked moving in the past to get rid of junk I don’t need!

    The weird thing about running, is that from run to run you will always have different experiences. Some are great, some okay and some not so great. It’s just a variety of things, your sleep, if you are hungry, the weather etc.. On days I didn’t feel like running but had to for the marathon training, on bad days, I just didn’t run as far, and it still worked out okay in the end.

  16. YAY! so exciting!!!!!!!!!! my grandparents live 20 mins from charlotte, its such an awesome city. if im ever visiting them we’ll have to meet up!! 🙂 congrats!! xoxo

  17. by the way i gave you an award on my blog love!

  18. Congratulations! That’s exciting news! I hope you’ll be very happy there.:-)

    Also exciting, those chocolate chips!!!

  19. You should really try your banana with homemade almond butter!! It really is super delicious! 🙂

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