Good ol’ Duggar’s

Saturday was so much better than Friday!! Not only has that little nervous knot gone away from the bottom of my stomach but I actually enjoyed myself. Crazy, I know! On Friday, I was just so anxious for the phone to ring, I really don’t remember a dang thing about what I did, ah well. For breakfast, I wanted to switch it up a bit so I had a soft boiled egg, 1 slice of ezekiel bread w/some Mighty Maple PB and 1/2 of a small banana and what would breakfast be without a morning cup of coffee? Not a breakfast of mine, that’s for sure! Hans took my breakfast photo this morning with the camera on his phone because I was too lazy to go look for the good camera and I was hungry! So sorry for the yellow-tinted, ugly breakfast photo!


Ya know how I said the other day that the kitchen looked like it had been hit by a tornado? Well, I kind of lied. The entire house looked like it has been hit by a tornado. Seeing as my mom and brother got back from Texas yesterday night, I spent the entire morning doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen (again..why do I do this to myself?),dishes, and all that jazz. I stopped cleaning to sit down with my yoga mat and practice a little. I practiced on my own today, and I have to admit it was pretty difficult. Sometimes when I practice on my own it comes naturally and sometimes I have to think pretty hard, and today I had to think pretty hard to get a good practice in. Oh well, I am not a yoga teacher yet! Good thing I have yoga class at the yoga studio soon! I am already looking forward to it!! After yoga, I had the most delicious wrap that I have ever made! It was seriously, so good! I took 1 block of Italian-herb spiced tofu, a handful of Romaine lettuce, half of a tomato, 1/4 of a slice of provolone and wrapped it up in a Flat Out with a thin layer of Garlic hummus! Oh, if only I could relive the experience of eating this wrap! Delish!!

Up close of the amazing  wrap:


All wrapped up in a Flat Out:


This afternoon, we went up to Barnes and Noble to see the Duggar’s!! Haha,  yes.. THE Duggar’s, the ones with 18 kids and the show on TLC! I am intrigued by this family because they are just so odd! I am very liberal so their lifestyle just seems weird to me, but hey.. to each their own. If they are happy with their lives, then that is all that really matters, I try not to judge 🙂 Anyway, some of our friends are like obsessed with them for some reason, I think just because they are so different? Who knows. Every time they drive back to Fayetteville, Arkansas to go back to school from Tulsa they try to find where the Duggar’s live, haha yeah stalkers but whatever it’s hilarious! Anyway, the Duggar’s seriously looked like an entire football team out there signing books at Barnes and Noble, and I have never seen more people wearing long, jean dresses in my life! Haha.. it was an awkward afternoon.

After our little event at Barnes and Noble, we got invited to a low-key dinner party! It was great to catch up and be around so many funny people, and entertaining to say the least! The friend that put on the dinner party is the same who is obsessed with the Duggar’s so it was definitely an interesting time!

To start, I snacked on some carrots and celery with a tiny bit of spinach dip.


For the main course, I had some mushroom soup and a half of a slice of ‘wheat’ bread. They called it wheat bread but I have no doubt it was ‘white’ wheat bread, haha if that makes any sense? It was not dense at all, it was like white bread that was just called wheat bread but hey, it tasted good dipped into my soup!


And of course, I can never turn down dessert! The dinner party was to celebrate some March birthdays so I had a small slice of a fantastic carrot cake! I am not a fan of carrot cake, but this one tasted divine and it was very moist. Hans even liked it and he always prefers salty over sweet.


After dessert, I had an amaretto sour and called it a night!

This morning, I went for the most glorious run of my entire life! It was absolutely amazing. After this run, I am so determined to become a better runner. I don’t know how far or how long I ran, I just ran until I decided to turn around and run home. It felt so liberating! And I ran the entire time without having to walk, typically  unheard of for me. I think I am going to set up a training program but I have no idea how I should do this? Any ideas? Thanks bloggies! Let me just say, I am more than happy that I got over my fear of putting myself out there and starting a blog! I am so glad that I did! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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13 responses to “Good ol’ Duggar’s

  1. I agree…breakfast isn’t complete without coffee! That wrap looks so delicious too, yum. I’m a new runner too but I find setting myself weekly goals – I do 4-6km 3x a week and 9-10km once on the weekend and trying to up my mileage a bit every week helps. I also try not to run too many days in a row to give my body a rest and avoid injury.

  2. Hahah, totally love your breakfast! And mmmm that wrap is amazing!!!

  3. Your flat out sammie looks so good! I have forgotten about those, I haven’t made a wrap with those in a long time. I’m going to add it to my grocery list!

  4. As another liberal, I have to say the Duggar’s lifestyle intrigues me!

    If you’re curious about how far you run you can go to and plug in your route 🙂

  5. Kate

    well I AM a fan of carrot cake and the pic is making me drool! It looks fantastic. Sounds like such a fun night! Good weekend then overall??? Let’s get through Monday now! HAHA:)

  6. I pretty much agreed and identified with every part of your post Haleigh (love the way your name is spelled by the way! I love when Leigh is spelled that way!)! I am a big fan of the Duggers (probably not as big a fan as your friends though haha) and that’s so cool that you got to see them in person!

    I hear ya on the running…I love the concept of running, but find a hard time staying running…I always stop and walk every few minutes. Not that there’s anything wrong with this type of exercise, but I envy the bloggers that can run for miles without stopping…it’s truly amazing! So YAY for your run, keep it up 🙂

    I too am so glad I decided to finally take the plunge and start a blog! It’s so wonderful and fun to finally be able to interact with all the bloggers that I’d been reading for over a year! I’m glad you found my blog too…yours is great!


  7. I love your blog! I just found it today and look forward to reading more 😉

    I recently started one of my own, please check it out!

  8. ah that tofu wrap looks so, so good!!!!!

    and I totally agree, so many people don’t like kombucha’s but I was totally fine with the flavor!! I want to try more now!

  9. I have seen the Duggars on tv…sounds like an interesting afternoon. The cake looks so good!

    Check out Hal Higdon’s website maybe for some training plans? I would really recommend finding some races to sign up for, they can be great motivation and are really fun! Great job with the run!

  10. great blog & that wrap truly looks to die for… i have totally been craving tofu lately!

  11. what fabulous eats! i LOVE carrot cake! glad you had a good time at the party!!

    yay for your run! the key to a great run is GOOD RUNNING SHOES! this is essential in order to prevent injury! ( i love asics) also– make sure to stretch A LOT! i’ve been dealing with a 3+ month injury due to improper stretching! good luck girl!! xoxoxo

  12. I was thinking I might do a wrap for dinner tonight, making my own whole wheat flatbread! We’ll see if I get around to it. Ahh, Barnes&Noble. I love that bookstore SO much. Whenever I go to the US I have certain places I have to go to, these include: Whole Foods (!!!), Trader Joe’s and Barnes&Noble. I could seriously spend at least a day in each place.

    Congrats on the run, good for you!!

  13. congrats on that awesome run!!! my advice is to run when the mood strikes you to keep it enjoyable. i start to hate things when i put them on a set schedule.

    yummmm, that carrot cake looks amazing. carrot cake’s probably my favorite kind!

    (and i agree that your wrap looks incredible, yummmmmm)

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