Out of control

This afternoon felt like it lasted an entire week instead of just a few hours. Unfortunately, the wine tasting event fell through and we received no phone call about the job yet. But ahh, well.. that’s how it goes sometimes! After lunch, I still couldn’t sit in the house so I decided to go to Target for a mini grocery trip! Hans found a Swedish recipe that he wants me to cook on Sunday night, so I just got the ingredients that we needed for that. It’s a very interesting recipe, something that you think wouldn’t work together but it could turn out fabulous. I guess we will see how it goes on Sunday! After my grocery run to Target, I was feeling a little snacky so I had a Gala apple.


I was looking forward to the wine tasting but when we found out a little more about it, we decided that it probably wasn’t too legitimate so we decided not to go. So, we opted for the next best thing on a Friday night… Take-out! We ordered from a local Japanese restaurant that also serves Chinese-type food, good for me and good for Hans! He absolutely despises sushi. I ordered the “out of control roll”, salmon, tuna and avocado all wrapped up in seaweed and Japanese sticky rice. Now, I was a bit confused about what was so out of control about this roll? Is it the tuna? the salmon? the avocado? the tuna and the salmon? Hhmmm.. Anyway, it was delicious! Gotta love sushi take-out!


On the side, I steamed some broccoli since I was lacking in the veggie department today!


I took a somewhat rest day today just because I felt a nervous knot in my stomach the entire day and I knew that wouldn’t go over so well if I attempted to exercise. I did do a 30 minute yogadownload but I couldn’t really get into it. But hey, you can’t win em’ all! Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful! 🙂



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8 responses to “Out of control

  1. cleanveggiex3

    broccoli and sushi are my favorites!!

  2. Broccoli looks great! Have an awesome night!

  3. i just had sushi too!!!! Except sushi doesn’t fill me up and yet japanese restaurants don’t exactly give you steamed veggies – your method is ingenious. 😛 that combo makes the perfect meal! 🙂

  4. Argh how frustrating you haven’t received a call yet! Broccoli is looking good and the sushi too…it is my only non-veggie vice.

  5. mmm, that sushi! and waiting is SO frustrating — hang in there.can’t wait to see your sunday recipe!

  6. Aw sorry the wine tasting fell through 😦 Hope you get the phone call soon!!

    I got your email and I’ll respond to it later today 🙂

  7. burpexcuzme

    haha, I guess it’s “out-of-control” because there’s not one, but TWO fish in there. but I agree, that name is just so cheesy. haha!

  8. Hey! I just checked around your blog and see that you are engaged to a Swedish guy! I’m half american but born and raised in Sweden and have lived here all my life. I smiled when I saw your category “Svenska Grejer” and saw that you had included Lösviktsgodis! This is something I have discussed with so many friends of mine, especially these past couple of months as I moved down to Prague for four months and my roomates were Norwegian (Sweden and Norway are probably the only places that have lösviktsgodis) so my roomates and I would always gush about how much we miss lösviktsgodis and, needless to say, it was definitely one of the first things I got when I came back home from Prague!

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