Ikea is awesome

Ikea is so typical Swedish. The second you walk into Ikea, you feel like you are in Sweden when you are actually in Dallas (the closest Ikea to Tulsa). The decor is modern and light, it looks like every apartment or house that I went to in Sweden. Ikea has Swedish names for everything too. Swedes sure do love their Ikea! The first time I went there was with Hans. He was just so excited to show me everything (it was before I lived in Sweden), and now I can see why! When you go to Ikea you see a part of the Swedish culture.

Last week, we agreed to babysit some of our friends cute little doggies and they offered to pay us but we decided we would rather have some Swedish food from Ikea instead! Here is the food that they brought back for us!

Flädersaft is kind of like a healthier soft drink. They boil Elderberry flowers with sugar and then make it into a drink. The photo is of Flädersaft concentrate. So, to drink it you take a few tbsp of the concentrate and add water. It is an interesting taste, ya either love it or ya hate it. I think Hans drank the whole bottle last night. 🙂


Marabou chocolate is amazing. It’s the cheap Swedish chocolate, like the equivalent of Hershey’s but I think it could compete with Lindt. I think I should start distributing Marabou in the states and become dirty dirty rich dirty dirty beautiful.. (love Lady Gaga)


Daim. More Swedish candy, of course! These are similar to Heath bars but instead of toffee there is caramel in the middle. I prefer Marabou, but Hans loves these!


Kalles kaviar, in other words.. very cheap caviar in a toothpaste tube. Haha, this stuff is pretty gross. Hans loves to eat it on knäckebröd (crisp bread, like Wasa).


Happy Friday every one!!


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5 responses to “Ikea is awesome

  1. Fun! I love Ikea! My couch is the Ektorp. My buffet is the Leksvik, and I always come home with interesting food items. Although, I must admit that it is unlikely that I will be trying the toothpaste tube full of caviar. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite stores!! What a fun post. Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Oh wow, I never knew IKEA had that many cool items!

  3. Shirow66

    Yeah, Marabou is the staple cheap chocolate here in Sweden. The brand was unfortunately sold in the 90’s and is currently owned by Kraft Foods, so it’s not really Swedish anymore, just like Volvo etc.

    Marabou chocolate is characteristically very sweet but it’s still good, especially the varieties with nuts, and especially if you compare it to Hershey’s which is the most disgusting chocolate I have ever tasted, with its distinct vomit taste. How they manage to sell a single bar of that chocolate, let alone be a leading brand, tells me plenty of the emergency chocolate condition the USA are in.

    • Mark Anthony


      I love it!!! Someone else who notices that Hersheys tastes like puke!

      Coukd not agree more with you and after trips to Sweden for the past three years I vote Maribou far superior to cadbury’s. More chocolate and less sweet, but still delicously creamy.

      MARIBOU is number 1 for me, and I am expat British

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