A huge thank you to every one for your amazingly sweet comments about the wedding photos and our anniversary! It will seriously keep a smile on my face all day long! You guys are awesome, I am so glad that I decided to stop being so freakin’ shy and put myself out there and start a blog of my own after being a reader for almost a year, so it made my day when I read those!

During the day we enjoyed the beautiful weather together, walking the dogs, talking, laying in the sun. We were honestly outside from the time we woke up until I started to get ready for dinner! I was so excited to finally wear my new little black dress from BCBG! It was originally around $200 but I bought it on sale for $60!! S-C-O-R-E!!! It was gorgeous, don’t you always just feel so damn good in a little black dress? This one in particular made me feel absolutely glamorous. I am not saying that I need a dress to feel good about myself but it definitely helps a little šŸ™‚ This is a similar dress to the one that I wore last night, but it is not the exact one. But to be honest, they almost look identical.

Here are the highlights food wise of the fantastic evening!


My chocolate cake that I baked on Tuesday:


This chocolate cake is seriously the best way to consume chocolate! It is my favorite chocolate ‘anything’ of all time!! And you guys know how much I love my chocolate! Haha, if you don’t then you should check this out!

Dressing up in a little black dress, enjoying a little red wine and appreciating the indulgences of chocolate are definitely my definition of sophistication! It takes me back to our trip to Paris. We seriously had red wine and chocolate every single night (and curiously enough I did not gain 1 pound!) French women are just mysteriously sophisticated. How do they do it? Fashion, Chocolate and Wine šŸ™‚

The restaurant that we went to for dinner was the perfect setting for a romantic evening w/my honey. I have been to this restaurant once before and the food was delicious! However, Hans’ meal was amazing but mine… not so much! So, I decided not to talk much about the experience. I wasn’t too disappointed though because I knew that I had some red wine and chocolate to come home to!

I am going to spend the day enjoying some of my favorite past times: Baking and Yoga!!


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5 responses to “LBD+Chocolate+Wine=Sophistication

  1. chocolate and wine? way to go on a romantic dinner!

  2. sounds amazing!! so glad you had such a wonderful time šŸ™‚ that chocolate cake looks ridiculously good, i too am a chocoholic šŸ™‚

  3. That cake looks amazing!! I’m so glad you had a great anniversary šŸ™‚ I had a wonderful trip to Paris with my boyfriend last year ā€” I miss drinking wine in the park without fear of getting arrested!

  4. mmmmm, glad you had the cake waiting for you at home so you could end things on such a “sweet” note. it looks so rich!

  5. hey girl! i love dressin up too šŸ™‚ glad you had a nice time! omg! can u post the recipe for that cake? it looks incredible!
    i can totally relate to your experience in europe– whenever i travel there i literally eat my way through but often come back 1 lb lighter! šŸ™‚ hahaha they know how to live!! have a great day beautiful girl! xo

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