Keeping my fingers crossed!

Yesterday was such a fantastic day in Tulsa! It was about 80 degrees and not a cloud in sight! I soaked up all the sun that I could get. Trust me after a long, cold Swedish winter I needed it. For breakfast on Monday I had almost the exact same musli combination as the other day except I added a yummy addition… a few Peanut Butter puffins mindlessly made their way into my musli mix! MMmm.. This breakfast could be more of a favorite of mine then oats, and that is definitely saying something. In my bowl was a little less than 1/2 cup musli, a handful of PB Puffins, vanilla yogurt, 1 small banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Delish!


After breakfast, I was determined to get a semi-good run in! My definition of a semi-good run is not having to stop about every 10 minutes to walk, haha sad.. I know! And to my surprise I ran for 30 minutes non-stop, maybe even a little further!!! Woo hoo!!! I was in complete and utter shock, this is probably 1 of about 5 times that I have been able to do this in my entire life!! Either I am just too girly or running and I just don’t mix, you can be the judge of that 🙂 However, after yesterday’s run I am feeling a lot more confident about keeping up with it! I just started out a steady pace and was somehow able to keep it up the entire run, awesome! If any one has any tips at all for beginner runner’s I would greatly appreciate it!

For lunch yesterday, I had a 2-egg omelette, yes you heard me right.. 2 whole eggs, no whimpy egg whites over here 🙂 I sauteed some spinach and tomatoes to go with my omelette and I sprinkled it with a tiny bit of provolone cheese (oh so good!!) and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Mmm, I love omelette’s for lunch! In Europe, omelette’s are always served for lunch, not breakfast! It’s hard for me to get away from my sweet breakfast bowls so I am all for it!

This photo is making me want an omelette all over again!!


And for “dessert” I had a slice of whole wheat bread with cloudberry preserves. Cloudberry preserves are just too good! I think that you can get them at IKEA if any one would like to try them! Cloudberries are a rare, golden-yellow, juicy type berry about the size of a raspberry. Fresh cloudberries taste a bit tart so cloudberry perserves are not that sweet at all. They are a delicacy in Scandinavia since they only grow way up north. My favorite way to eat cloudberries is to make them into jam, then warm up the jam and serve them over vanilla ice cream! It is the perfect summer dessert.


After a little yoga, I got to soak up some sun in my bikini on the front driveaway!! This was the best part of my day, hands down! It is pure winter in Sweden from November until March and I mean it is freakin’ cold! We lived about 2 hours North from Stockholm and the winter was around -5 Celsius until the snow started to melt in March. So let’s just say despite all the Oklahomans staring at me and thinking I was weird for laying out in my bikini in March… I really don’t care, haha because it was awesome!! I had a Gala apple while I was laying out. I just love fresh, juicy fruit when it is hot outside!


I was stoked when I found out that my dad was grilling again last night for dinner! He used to grill all the time when I was younger and his food always taste so good straight from the grill! He soaked the steaks in beer, coke (don’t know why he used coke, I need to ask him??), garlic, salt and pepper over night. Before he put it on the grill, I saw him put some extra spices on them but I didn’t see what they were. I am not a big steak eater, probably once or twice a year, if that. But, when I found out he was grilling steaks I knew that yesterday would be one of those few times. My dad spent a lot of time preparing the steaks for us as a good luck dinner for Hans. When some one has spent time to prepare food for me, I usually try and eat a little of it. However, I was reminded this morning just why I don’t eat steak too often, my tummy was not too happy with me, and let’s just leave it at that!

Here is my piece, I ate about half of it:


The star of the night was the grilled asparagus and mushrooms! Wow, these things were amazing! I put this side dish together and not to toot my own horn or anything but they were great! I seasoned them with garlic, salt and pepper and some Olive Oil and wrapped them up in the foil for my dad. Haha, I guess he did most of the work since he grilled them so maybe I shouldn’t take all the credit!

Wow, just look at that… Only one word comes to mind: Amazing!!!


Here is my plate, and you can bet that I had more asparagus and mushrooms!


Forbidden Challenge: After dinner I had 1 Twizler’s and 1 Reese’s miniature! It was a spur of the moment thing so I didn’t take a photo of them. At the end of the week, I will do a recap on the forbidden foods challenge, how it went for me, and how I felt about it! Have you guys decided to partake in the challenge? If so, what is your forbidden food? If you don’t know about the challenge you can check it out here.

I had to wake up at 4 am this morning to take Hans to the airport, but both of us were wide awake at 3 waiting for the alarm to go off! Today is such an important day for us since it can change our future dramatically. Hans job interview in Charlotte is at 1 o’clock eastern time so I am keeping my fingers crossed!! I wouldn’t mind going back to Sweden though so either way the situation will eventually work itself out! I am already super tired from waking up so early and it’s only 10 am, ahh.. it’s going to be a long day.

I am going to be baking all afternoon for our 1 year wedding anniversary tomorrow! I will be sure to take some delicious looking photos for you!! Have a fantastic Tuesday!



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4 responses to “Keeping my fingers crossed!

  1. those grilled veggies look ah-mazing!

    awesome that you were able to have just 2 pieces of candy! that’s total healthy indulgence 🙂

  2. happy 1 year!! mushrooms plus asparagus, mmmmmmmm!!

    and muesli is probably my favorite summer breakfast … can’t wait till it gets warmer up here!

  3. The good thing about candy is they come in snack-size portions. Good luck with your challenge and I can’t wait to see what you bake. I am a baker myself…it’s my stress reliever.

  4. Great job on the run!! I don’t know if I have any great tips for you except to keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t increase the mileage too much too soon 🙂 I would stay with those 30 minutes and maybe try to go a bit farther once a week, play with intervals in there too. I also find that signing up for a race keeps me really motivated!!

    The mushrooms and asparagus look great!! I can’t wait till we can fire up our grill again!

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