Has it really been a year?

Good evening! Has every one had a fun St. Patrick’s Day? I didn’t do much besides a little baking, yoga and enjoying the sun since Hans is away in Charlotte (the interview went really well!! we will know for sure by the end of this week, but things are looking good!! yay!) and our 1 year wedding Anniversary is tomorrow.

Speaking of wedding anniversary, I thought I would tell you guys a little bit about our wedding last year! It was difficult to plan a wedding in the states from Sweden but somehow it got done, my mom helped a lot but of course, along came the stress of planning a wedding too, but it ended up being the exact picture that I had dreamed of. Not to sound cliche but I seriously felt like a princess the entire day. I can distinctly remember everything that led up to the actual ceremony but from there on it really is a blur of emotions. The ceremony was held in Sarasota, FL at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. It was stunning! Blossoming flowers and huge trees every where with a gabezo facing the bay. I decided to have the location in Florida because it was somewhat neutral territory, it wasn’t in Sweden or Oklahoma so every one was neither happy nor unhappy about it, haha! I am so glad I made that decision though even if it added a bit more planning and stress to the pile! The reception immediately followed the ceremony at a trendy little restaurant on Anna Maria Island, I don’t remember much about the reception (everything was seriously in a haze) except for the fact that I had the time of my life dancing with my new husband and being with people who cared about us! I think that some photos of the wedding will tell you way more about it then I ever could so here you go!







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18 responses to “Has it really been a year?

  1. awww, congrats on one year! those photos really do tell the story. gorgeous locations and gorgeous couple :-)!

  2. Sarah

    congratulations on your anniversary tomorrow. GORGEOUS wedding pics of you!

  3. Beautiful pics! Enjoy your one-year anniversary!

  4. Oh my gosh, congratulations. Love the pictures!

  5. beautiful! you definitely looked like a princess!

  6. so i just found your blog
    and i absolutely adore it.

    p.s. you looked SMOKIN. haha.

  7. girl you look just breathtakingly beautiful at your wedding!!! that is so cool you had it in “neutral” territory!!! happy anniversary! xo

  8. woww!!! You are SUCH a gorgeous girl! The wedding pictures are sooo pretty they should be in a catalogue!!! 🙂 Congratulations on the 1 year!! yay!

  9. Oh wow what a lovely day and what a lovely couple! *wub*

  10. Happy Anniversary! Your pictures are gorgeous!

  11. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

  12. gina (fitnessista)

    beautiful pics- you look gorgeous!
    have a very happy anniversary

  13. congrats on your anniversary!
    god, you are GORGEOUS! but bet you’re used to ppl saying that to you all the time!

  14. How gorgeous are you?? What a great day- you did an incredible job!! Happy 1 year

  15. I know everyone’s said it already, but — you guys are a beautiful couple!!

  16. Beautiful pics!! The time really does fly, doesn’t it? It feels like Josh and I were celebrating our first anniversary just yesterday…this summer will be our 4th! You guys look like a great couple 🙂

  17. Oh my gosh just STUNNING! Wow what a beauty you are and such a gorgeous dress. 🙂 I love looking at other’s wedding pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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