Grill premier

Good morning bloggies! I hope that every one had a healthy, relaxing weekend! Luckily, it is Spring Break for me this week so I will not be called into substitute teach at all this week!! Yay! But don’t you worry.. I will still be keeping myself busy all week! And our 1 year wedding anniversary is on the 18th so I am tremendously excited about that!!

Now, onto yesterday’s eats! Saturday night I could just not fall asleep, don’t you hate that? I have problems with sleeping a few times a week but I didn’t think I would have trouble falling asleep after going out to a bar and staying up so late! What’s up with that? I fell asleep as soon as I hit my pillow around 2 am and then I woke up at 3, just wide awake! Luckily, my dad works at night and he had the night off so he was downstairs watching The Godfather so I decided to join him. I ended up staying awake until about 7 am! By this time I was exhausted so I fell asleep instantly! But, due to my very late night, I woke up at noon!!! Something that never happens to this earlybird! I am usually wide awake by 7 am, always! I am not complaining though it was great to have a lazy Sunday! However, my eating was a bit sporadic and definitely not the norm since I woke up so late.

For “breakfast” I had some oh so delicious musli! This is my alternate breakfast to oatmeal but I love it just the same! In Sweden, they have some freakin’ amazing musli that I am completely in love with! I am sensing a Swedish musli giveaway soon here at Inner Wellness! 🙂 With my musli I had some vanilla yogurt, a small banana and a spoonful of peanut butter.


All mixed together, Mmm.. delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite of my breakfast at noon!


And of course, the gloriousness that is my morning (err…afternoon) coffee:


I felt pretty off for most of the day since we went out the night before and I woke up so late. I wasn’t in the mood for lunch at 4 o’clock because I knew dinner would be around 7 and I just wasn’t that hungry so I had a fairly large snack before yoga instead. Swedish snack alert!!! (Well, it could be a meal too but swedish and snack sound better together) I had a half of an English muffin spread with lingonberry jam, 1 slice of turkey and a half slice of provolone. The first time I saw Hans’ mom eating this for breakfast I thought she was totally weird but then I tasted it. This may sound like a horrible combination but I assure you it is 100% delicious! I recommend any one to try it! Yum! Lingonberry jam is a staple food in Swedish cuisine, they eat it with everything. On their toast, and in their oatmeal to name a few.

English muffin w/lingonberry jam, slice of turkey and provolone:


With a side of broccoli and hummus: (There’s that broccoli again, I eat the stuff about every day)


I went to the yoga studio Sunday afternoon and it was one of the best I have been to, the class I went to was power yoga and it was quite difficult. We had to hold plank pose for about 5 minutes 3 different times, my entire body was shaking and sweat was dripping off of my face and onto my yoga mat (gross)! It was amazingly refreshing though. I just feel like toward the end of every yoga class I have the answers to all of life’s questions, and I am not exaggerating on this, it is just a difficult feeling to try and explain. Anyway, after yoga I was completely famished!! I called Hans on the way home to see what we should do for dinner and to my surprise my dad decided to charcoal some chicken! I just love grill season! My dad soaked the chicken in beer and garlic and then seasoned it with salt and pepper. It was the best chicken that I have eaten in a long time. A lot of the taste comes from the grill itself as well as the seasoning. On the side, I had a spinach salad and a sweet potato with a little butter and cinnamon. This was a nice meal to come home to after yoga practice!

Spinach salad:


Chicken grilled to perfection:


Sweet potato with some butter and a load of cinnamon:


I ate all of the salad, all of the sweet potato and most of the chicken. My dad loves to grill in the summertime and he enjoys coming up with new and improved dinner ideas. You can tell by talking to him that food is his passion. Here are some photos of the garden that he just planted a few days ago.

Soon to be fresh broccoli: (Notice the nasty old cigarette, gross! My step mom is a smoker. What is she thinking throwing away an old cigarette next to that deliciously growing broccoli??)


Strawberries and basil:


There were a lot more that he has planted but I didn’t take any photos of them.

I am looking forward to when all of the fresh fruits and vegetables start to come in but sadly I will not be in Tulsa by then. I will either be moving to Charlotte, NC or back to Sweden! I will know by the end of this week, kinda getting a little nervous about it!


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8 responses to “Grill premier

  1. SWEET POTATO!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with the moving destination!!

  2. How are you able to grill you chicken soooo good? Jealous!
    Love your eats!

  3. that sweet potato (and MUSELI!!) looks wonderful! I totally hear you on the yoga “clarity” 🙂

  4. Ooo I’m keeping my fingers crossed for ya that you get to move wherever your heart desires 🙂

    That museli looks AWESOME, I’m very excited for the prospective giveaway!

    YUM on the sweet potato 🙂

    And EW on the cigarette butt next to the broccoli…but YAY for the home-grown broc! 🙂

    Have a great Monday!!!!


  5. My sister in law does all her herbs in big pots. I have always wanted to try it that way.

    I’ve started gardens before, but then lose steam and don’t take care of it the way I should

    Have a great day!

  6. That food looks so good! Do you put anything else on the salad besides tomatoes and spinach? I’ve never had Musli, it looks good though! I’ve always thought about growing my own herbs or veggies, but not sure if I could keep up with it 🙂

  7. i hope we both live in char!!

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