A little this and that

Vani over at Fit for Free has decided to do an awesome challenge for bloggers and readers alike. The challenge is to incorporate a food into your life that you love to eat but constantly deny yourself for whatever reason. You can read more about the Forbidden Foods Challenge here.

I think this is a fantastic idea! We need to learn how to enjoy our favorite foods in moderation without overindulgence or denial. As for me, my forbidden food is definitely candy. I have a love-hate relationship with candy and I would really like to try and successfully incorporate some candy into my healthy eating habits. I am not saying that candy is healthy by any means because candy is most definitely not, but I just love candy and I think if I am eating candy in moderation then it can still be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Let me tell you a little about some of my past history with candy. When I was younger I loved candy even more than the other kids did. Every one in my family definitely knows that if Haleigh is going to be coming over, then we should definitely hide the candy! After Halloween, I would eat most of my candy along with stealing some of my little brother’s candy too! Hehe, shhh…! Since I started my path to healthier eating and well being, I have either completely rid my diet of candy or enjoyed way too much of it! It is just hard to control myself around it. Now, you can only imagine how happy I was when I found out about this for the first time! I got used to eating Saturday candy about once every few weeks in Sweden, but sometimes I still overdid it or wouldn’t let myself have any at all for long periods of time despite my love for the stuff. So, I am going to take the challenge to try and incorporate a little candy into my healthy eating habits!

Also, Happy 1st Blog Birthday Jenn!! What a fantastic first year of blogging. She is having an amazing giveaway that includes a super cute coffee mug and some BARNEY BUTTER!! (I really wish I could get my hands on some of this stuff, I have been dying to try it since I saw it on Tina’s blog when I still lived in Sweden.) You can learn how to enter the giveaway and more here.

In other news, Hans did agree to guest post on the blog but unfortunately he will not be able to until the end of this week. He is getting prepared for his job interview in Charlotte tomorrow so he won’t have the time for it today. Gah, I can’t even explain how freakin’ nervous I am for him but I am just trying to play it cool so it doesn’t make him any more anxious than he already is. Hopefully it goes well!

And because every post needs a few photos…

We went up to the top of the ramp that they use for backhoppning (ski jumping) in Falun, Sweden:


Check out that crazy view: (I assure you that there are still cities in Sweden, lol)



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7 responses to “A little this and that

  1. I am very anxious and excited to start on Fit for Free’s challenge this upcoming week. My food that I have been afraid to add to my diet is nut butters because of my ED’s fear of the calories and fat. Let’s support each other this week and good luck!

  2. you look gorgeous in that pic!!
    i LOVE candy as well but i have it every day 🙂 mostly hard candies and chocolates but i LOVED gummy candies as a kid– still do !:)

  3. Gorgeous picture!! 🙂 You look so happy!
    Good luck to Hans on the job interview!

    That’s a really good outlook…there are several things (including candy…chocolate…M&Ms, Reeses etc) that I consider mostly “forbidden” in life, and I really wish they weren’t. So good outlook, and I’m with ya!


  4. Gorgeous picture!! That looks incredible – I definitely would love to travel to Sweden someday!

    Thanks for the shout out and sweet words about my blog 🙂 You rock!

    I like the idea behind the Forbidden Foods challenge!

  5. I love the idea of the forbidden foods challenge- I should try this with dried fruit! Thanks for letting us know about it 😉

  6. LOVE the forbidden foods challenge! Hm…I SHOULD do it with popcorn, but I can never eat that in moderation. So…maybe I’ll do it with Swedish Fish, aka the most delicious candy in the universe.

  7. OMG i love love this idea!! I remember LOVING my halloween candy SO much, and my mom had to ration it out to me 2 by 2 in my lunches! I really don’t eat candy much anymore, but it’s so true that once I have two little pieces or so…i’m satisfied, and I don’t need a ton everday, *usually* ;D Thanks for your sweet comment, thanks for adding me I will do the same girl!

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