Oklahoma tradition

Yesterday was a sort of test day to see if I could take photos of all my food! …It deemed successful! I thought it would be more time consuming and more difficult than it was so I will keep a food journal a few times a week and see how it goes.

We definitely had a fun-filled Saturday! We were busy enough to keep ourselves entertained but not to the point of getting stressed out, perfect!

For breakfast, I had some yummy, satisfying oats. I see oats around the blog-world all the time so this is really nothing new. I try to switch it up for breakfast every once in awhile but I always go back to oatmeal. It just never fails me! My oatmeal contained 1/2 cup oats made with 3/4 cup water, a whole bunch of cinnamon, a tiny bit of brown sugar(I am trying to get to the point where I don’t need to add extra sugar to my oats), some vanilla soy milk to make it nice and creamy, a little granola to top it all off and a big spoonful of all natural peanut butter. I don’t know about you guys, but for me.. the peanut butter makes the bowl!


And of course, my morning cup o’ joe! Extra strong.. just the way that I like it! Check out the cute coffee mug that I bought in Stockholm!


For lunch, I had a Morningstar farms Mushroom Lover’s veggie burger served on top of a bed of steamed spinach with some ketchup! A burger is not a burger without ketchup! This was my first time to try the mushroom lover’s version and I definitely prefer the other kinds that I have bought before. It tasted kinda funny, but I will keep eating them until they are gone because I hate to waste food. On the side, I had some broccoli and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese. (Not pictured)


Afternoon tea. I practiced some vinyasa-style yoga on my own and went out for a 5 mile bike ride along the riverwalk! Definitely my type of exercise! (I hate going to the gym.)


I knew we wouldn’t be eating until around 8 o’clock last night so around 5 I had my afternoon snack. I had even more peanut butter in the form of a PB sandwiched banana! This is the ultimate snack! It always holds me over for hours! Love it! **What is it with my mom and matching plates, coffee mugs, dish towels, etc? Not my style at all but hey to each their own. πŸ™‚


For dinner, we went out for a double date with an old friend of mine at Hideaway Pizza!! I love Hideaway! It is my favorite pizza place in the states! It is the epitome of Oklahoma tradition, it started in a little ol’ Okie town called Stillwater and has thus spread to Tulsa and OKC! It is amazing… their crust is not too thick or too thin, just perfect! The atmosphere of Hideaway is always fun and the service is amazing.

I started out with a house salad. Fresh mixed greens, tomatoes, and black olives with Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette on the side.


We ordered half BBQ Chicken and half Pizza of the Gods!


The Pizza of the Gods had a Garlic and Olive Oil glaze with a blend of mozzarella and smoked provolone, artichoke hearts, diced Roma tomatoes, and sliced mushrooms! It was fantastic! This wasn’t my favorite pizza that I have had at Hideaway but it was delicious nonetheless! I had 1 regular slice, 1 tiny slice, and a bite of the BBQ chicken to see how it tasted (eeww..).


After pizza night, we went out for a few drinks at a trendy bar downtown. I was proud of myself for not overdoing it! I am a small person (5’2) so more than 1 or 2 drinks is way too much for me! I had a Long Island Iced tea and a few sips of Hans’ beer! All in all it was a fabulous night out with friends. We definitely needed it! It is stressful waiting around for a job in order to start your life again and it was soo nice to be able to forget about all of that crap for one night!

So there ya go, a day in the eats of Haleigh! I am not saying my eating habits are perfect because they are most definitely not, but I like to think that I am still a healthy eater despite my faults. My number one rule is to make sure that I am getting plenty of fruits and veggies every day while enjoying my favorite foods too. I am a firm believer of all things in moderation. I never want to deprive myself of anything because I know I would go crazy in the end. Life is short, live it!

I am off to the Yoga Studio!! Have a fantastic, lazy Sunday! πŸ™‚ Oh.. and I definitely woke up at noon today, haha.

I added a recipe page and I will be updating it shortly so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget about theΒ  awesome granola giveaway over at Lucky Taste Buds!


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5 responses to “Oklahoma tradition

  1. Oh my gosh, yum yum yum. I want that pizza!

  2. That mug is adorable and the pizza looks insanely good! YUMMMMM!!!

  3. Hey! That pizza does look really amazing. We haven’t found a new favorite pizza place in the town we just moved to but I can’t wait to start looking! PB and fruit is such a fabulous snack! It does really hold you over. Hope you have a good Sunday night πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my I am jealous of your pizza!

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