Honor thy body

I came across this post by the Hungry Yogini from earlier today and it really struck home for me. There have been more times than I can count where I have made myself go for a run or forced myself to go to that extra yoga class when I was not feeling up to it. This defeats the purpose of yoga, and exercise in general. Exercise is supposed to make you feel good, not make you feel like you have to go for a run today if it is the last thing that you do! There have been countless meals that I fix for myself because of the health benefits and not for the mere pleasure of it! Healthy food is supposed to make you feel good but sometimes you just gotta give into that craving. Giving into a craving, in moderation, is just as much a part of healthy eating as fruits and veggies. Just the other day, I really wanted a Snickers bar, I tried to avoid it by taking a walk and doing some homework. But, I ended up driving to the grocery store a few hours later for that Snickers! And let me just say, wow.. it was fabulous! I enjoyed every last bite of that chocolatey, nutty, caramely goodness. But, if I would have been listening to my body I would have given into the intense craving for a Snickers bar without the constant battle going through my head.

Every yoga practice I can feel myself progressing and deepening each pose. The body is a wonderful thing and the greatest gift you can give it is to honor it! So, I ask all of you to honor your body and what it wants instead of telling your body what it wants. I, for starters, need to work on this tremendously! Every step toward inner wellness is a step in the right direction even if it is a small one. Thanks Hungry Yogini for such an amazing post this morning!

My appetite has been feeling a bit off today, I wasn’t hungry for lunch by 2 o’clock but I had that empty feeling in the bottom of my stomach and I knew that I had to eat something since I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I honored my body with a nice plateful of veggies and protein, just what I was craving!

I had a few slices of turkey, some broccoli and hummus for dipping! Yum!


Most of my food photos just do not look appetizing whatsoever so please bare with me while I get the hang of taking photos of food! haha, I am trying. Any suggestions?


… And I am thinking of honoring my body with a small bowl of PB Puffins soon as an afternoon snack! 🙂


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2 responses to “Honor thy body

  1. I’m so glad the post touched you! Honor your body…you deserve it!

  2. Love the Puffins!! I tried them for the first time today! 😀 And I have the same issue with the pictures (my camera sucks, so I keep using my camera phone)…hang in there!!

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