I woke up this morning and looked out my window, and to my surprise it was snowing!! Wtf? It was 80 degrees a few days ago! Sigh, when will winter be over? I thought I was done with winter when I moved back from Sweden.. it seems like it just never ends!

Hans suggested pancakes for breakfast and seeing as that he NEVER has a preference for food.. pancakes it was!! I can’t even remember the last time that I ate pancakes for breakfast so it was definitely a treat! I just used a simple buttermilk pancake mix that I found in the pantry but they were delicious nonetheless!

Topped with Mighty Maple PB, 1 small banana and some maple syrup: Of course I had some super strong coffee to go along with my fantastic pancakes!


I think I could seriously put Mighty Maple PB on every piece of food that goes into my mouth! haha.. it is that good! I have tried three different kinds that Peanut Butter & Co offer. My favorite is definitely Might Maple, by far! 2) Dark Chocolate  and 3) White Chocolate. I am looking at the Cinnamon and Raisin to try out next! All three flavors have been fabulous!

Today is definitely one of those days to stay in the house and bake some bread! 🙂 And some yoga is definitely on the agenda for today as well.

View of Stockholm from the top of Stadshuset (city hall):


I am in love with that city.


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3 responses to “Snow…??

  1. I haven’t tried that kind of syrup before.

    It sounds fantastic!

  2. Sorry! I didn’t change the name from when I commented on my sisters site!!


  3. Ahhh those are my favorites too!

    1. Mighty Maple (one jar gone in a week!!)
    2. Dark Chocolate Dreams (swoon!)
    3. Cinnamon Raisin (delish!)

    Soooo yummy and your pancakes look great!! 🙂


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