Unpredictable weather

Good afternoon! I hope every one is having a fantastic Wednesday! We have had some amazingly warm weather in Tulsa the past week or so and yesterday I could seriously feel the temperature drop about 30 degrees in a few hours! Oh, Oklahoma weather… tornado season is just around the corner.

Anyway, only 2 more days until Spring Break! woo hoo! Does any one have any fun Spring Break plans? Hans and I are not going anywhere but our 1 year wedding anniversary is on the 18th so we will do something out of the ordinary then, for sure!

This morning, I decided to pack my breakfast for work. This is the first time that I tried this and I will definitely be doing this from now on. I would much rather eat breakfast there around 8 o’clock instead of 6:30 before I leave for work. Mostly because I don’t like to rush to get to work on time in the mornings and since I am eating breakfast at a later time, I am not ravenous for my lunch!

For breakfast this morning I had some plain yogurt with about a tbsp of raspberry preserves stirred into it, some muesli and of course, Mighty Maple peanut butter!

Packed and ready to go!! Look at all that peanut butter, mmm…


I wish it was breakfast time again!! I got this muesli at IKEA but I miss the real Swedish muesli, it is so delicious!! I can’t wait until I get to have some again. In this muesli was a mix of oats, bran-type flakes, raisins, dried bananas and almond slices.


I got to come home for lunch today, I made an open-faced sandwich with home-made guacamole, spinach and tomatoes! There wasn’t any whole tomatoes in the fridge, but I found some diced tomatoes which were good enough, but it made for a very messy lunch! I like to have my sandwiches open-faced because they are just more satisfying and it takes a longer time to eat than a normal sandwich.


Off to work again!

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