Just to hold myself accountable, I decided to tell you guys that I had a Diet Coke this afternoon while I was working.


The afternoon seemed to just drag along and I felt the need for a little pick me up! Now, I adore Diet Coke but I try to keep the drinking of chemicals to a minimum. I would say I drink a Diet Coke about once a month, but no more than that. I mean, sometimes I even dream of drinking a Diet Coke and instead of thinking about something 24/7, I just go ahead and let myself have it. But, between Diet Coke and Regular Coke which one is better for you?? As far as the taste is concerned, that’s your own opinion. However, health-wise, Diet Coke may be sugar and calorie free, but it contains nasty additives and a bunch of other crap. First of all, anything that is not natural is just not good for your body. I don’t know much about aspartame, which is listed as the third ingredient in Diet Coke, but I do know that it is something bad for you and it is thought to be linked to some different health problems along with weight gain. So, I know it would probably be better for me to just drink a Regular Coke since drinking soda is not an every day occurrence for me. However, I know this is just all in my head but I find it SO difficult to take in that many calories from a drink!! I know the best thing for me to do would be to cut out soda completely but I am not sure if I can do that. What is your view on soda?


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4 responses to “Confession

  1. Sarah

    i love dt coke, i used to drink alot more of it, but i still could easily drink 3-4 cans a day if i dont watch it. easy. if i do find myself drinking alot of it, i try to drink extra water too but im sure that doesnt negate the unheathiness of it. oh wells, cant win at everything.

  2. I used to be a toal diet soda ADDICT! Crystal light, diet coke, anything diet – I drank liters of it! But when I decided to start focussing on whole foods and eating what I crave and need, I kicked them all out. For one, I kept using them as substitutes for food and to ward off hunger pangs, so that’s not healthy. The use of artificial sweeteners can make your palate become less sesitive to sweetness, meaning you won’t find fruit and naturally sweet things as sweet or tasty. I really noticed a difference in that area after I quit! Fruit was far more tasty than before. And then of course the contradictory evidence on whether or not aspartame is unhealthy. The thing is, they keep testing it on animals, whilst that doesn’t have to mean anything. We’ll only truly know the long term effects on humans in more than 20 years time! I don’t want to be a guinea pig :S

    Anyway, I feel ya on the calorie thing. What I did to wean myself away from that idea is switch to a different drink. Maybe an Ice Tea or other soda with some caffeine. Something instead of Coke.

  3. meaghen1

    It’s funny I rarely, rarely drink pop (I’m Canadian, we call it pop), but if I do I always drank diet because I couldn’t justify all those calories. To me it didn’t seem like a big deal to fill my body with all kinds of chemicals. Now I try to abstain from artifical sweeteners totally. I haven’t had a pop in months probably and don’t think I’ll be doing so anytime soon. If I do I will having a regulalr one and maybe splitting it with someone!

  4. I gave up diet soda after a family friend’s funeral — she passed away from cancer. I realized that the chemicals in all the diet coke I drank could give me cancer too (not proven, but possible, I think). It was a symbolic way to honor health in her memory.

    That being said I enjoy Zevia every month or two (sugar-free soda sweetened w/ stevia, which is natural) 🙂

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