A little celebration

I was so excited when I got home from work today! For 2 reasons: 1) because I was done with dealing with high school students for the day and 2) because Hans has a job interview next week in the states!!!! Yay, you have no idea how excited I am about this. Our initial plan was to move back to the states after Hans was finished with graduate school and to live here while I finished my degree and then return to Sweden after I had my degree, probably around 3 years. We wanted to live in the states for a little while mostly because it is just easier for me to go to a university in the US rather than Sweden since I would be taking most of my courses in Swedish and also because Hans wanted to live and work in the US for awhile for some experience. Anyway, Hans got a phone call this morning from a German company based in Charlotte, NC. They called him back a few hours after his short phone interview and told him that they were very interested in him and they were going to fly him out to Charlotte for a formal interview next week!! It looks quite promising!

We have been back in the states for a few months now and haven’t had any luck at all with the job hunt due to the horrible economic situation, which is why we decided to move back to Sweden in a month. Now, I know it is just an interview but it is a step forward. So, when I got home from work this morning we knew we had to celebrate! It was kind of a spur of the moment thing but it was still fun. We decided to go to Fish Daddy’s because it is inexpensive and only a few miles away. I was starving by the time we got to the restaurant so I knew I needed a salad ASAP.

I opted for the house salad. The salad had apples, tomatoes and a few candied pecans with a lemon herb vinaigrette and was served over mixed greens. This salad was okay, but it definitely cured my ravenous hunger.


For my entree, I ordered the Cedar Planked Salmon which was “fresh grilled salmon with an Asian BBQ sauce.” Now, this was delish! I ate about half of the salmon and all of the broccoli.


And of course, I had to have some wine to pair with my meal… ya know, since this is a celebration!!

I had the house Merlot.


Tonight was such a fun night. Mostly due to the thought of having some sort of stablility in our lives and because I got to spend some quality time with my husband. 🙂

I am off to practice some yoga on my own! God Natt! (Good night!)


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3 responses to “A little celebration

  1. Oh wow, great news! hope all goes well for the interview for him!!!

  2. Oh that’s super news! These times really can be quite unnerving. Glad you celebrated too!

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