Another dreaded Monday

I got called to go into work today so I was not liking the whole spring forward thing this morning at all. It was so hard to go to sleep last night at a decent hour which made it even more difficult to wake up this morning! Time changes always get me off track for a little while. I didn’t even eat dinner last night until 8:30!

Anyway, I am a substitute teacher at the high school here in Tulsa. So, I usually get called into work about 3 times a week. I wished it was more but substituting is really all I can do at this point. I was thinking about getting another job, but it’s just kind of unfair to get a permanent job when I am leaving in a month. I am not complaining though, I adore substitute teaching. Every day is different and the students really make it an interesting job. And of course, I can’t forget that next week is Spring Break!

For breakfast this morning, I had 1 slice of whole wheat bread with almond butter and on the side I had some vanilla yogurt. I also packed my lunch late last night. It is always easier for me to pack at night instead of when I wake up in the  morning. If I pack my lunch in the morning, somehow I always seem to be late! Inside my lunchbox, (lol that sounds so elementary school) I packed a bowl of Amy’s Curried Lentil soup and an orange. I usually get off work around 3 so I don’t pack an afternoon snack because I get home in plenty of time for that.

Side note: I haven’t been taking photos of everything that I eat. I have a few reasons for this. First, it is very time consuming. Second, I don’t believe I really need to do this in order to accomplish what I had in mind for this blog. However, I will probably take photos of my food intake a few days a week. We’ll see how it goes! And here are some photos of Sweden for you! 🙂

Horseback riding in Malung in the region of Dalarna. This was one of the funnest things that I have ever done. I would love to go horseback riding on a normal basis if I could.


The bäsingen (the name of the boat) is about 100 years old and takes trips around the lake a few times a day during the summer time. It leaves Torsångs cafe and goes all around the lake and back. The view from the boat is absolutely breathtaking.


And I will leave you with the gorgeous view of the lake outside of Hans’ parents house.



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3 responses to “Another dreaded Monday

  1. good luck at work today!
    and what amazing swedish scenery … wow!

  2. meaghen1

    That picture of the sunset is beautiful! My family is part Swedish and I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden, it’s on my list of places I must visit.

    I’m adding you to my blogroll, hope that’s okay. I love your blog!

  3. The picture of the sunset is awesome. How lucky that you’ve gotten to experience that!

    thanks for sharing!

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