Svenskt Lösgodis

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Sweden is definitely the candy. I think of the beautiful scenery, the walking, the city and the candy. Yep, any one who knows me knows that I am a complete chocolate and candy freak. Over the years, I have learned to enjoy candy in moderation but I have gone through my ups and downs. Sometimes I would eat so much candy that my stomach would hurt and sometimes I wouldn’t let myself have any at all to the point where all I would think about was about candy. Now, I have a few pieces of candy about every other week or so, sometimes more and sometimes less. I do not think this is bad at all. Let me repeat myself, I do not feel guilty and I do not think this is bad whatsoever. I believe that if my daily habits are healthy and nourishing then I can stand to eat a few pieces of candy every once in awhile, it’s not like I am eating several pieces of candy every single day. In Sweden, they have lördagsgodis which means Saturday candy in English. Every Saturday, the candy aisle in the grocery store is filled with people to the point where you can barely see the candy at all. I am talking from tiny little kids to grown adults that would get their candy on Saturdays. You can pick out 1 piece of candy that you want from different tubs filled with different types of candy. I really liked purchasing chocolates and candies this way because I could choose exactly how many pieces of candy that I wanted and I could also choose all different types of candy instead of getting a huge bagful of one type of chocolate or candy. The point of Saturday candy is that they don’t have candy any other day of the week except for Saturday. I think this is a very good way to teach that everything is okay in moderation. One thing is for sure though, Swedes sure do love their godis (candy)!!

A photo of a Swedish candy store, the candy aisle in the grocery store looked similar to this as well just not quite as many choices, but almost!


An example of the assorted candies that you can fill up your own bag with:


Sometimes it would take me a week to finish my Saturday candy and sometimes just a few days 🙂


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5 responses to “Svenskt Lösgodis

  1. Sarah

    im now in love with sweden and want to move into that candy store.

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  3. Shirow66

    The godis is a huge part of the Swedish culture. It’s not just a kids thing, everyone eats godis like there’s no tomorrow. I’m pretty sure we eat the most candy in the world, but it’s good stuff! Unfortunately, I don’t think many people stick to the Saturdays only rule. Right now, during easter, we have the tradition of giving easter eggs which are usually filled with lösgodis. They are usually given to kids but I actually get an egg from work each year. Unfortunately the easter season specific candies are kind of crap compared to the regular stuff but oh well..

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