Italian Getaway

For lunch this afternoon, we went Villa Ravenna. As soon as you enter Villa Ravenna you can feel the Italian authenticity. It was dimly lit by candles and had several wine cases throughout the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant came out of the kitchen to greet us and to tell us that all the meals were prepared with the freshest vegetables and the finest quality meat. Please take note that this was said through a thick Italian accent. He also said that they make their own pasta from scratch and that it may be a bit of a wait because they prepare the meals after they have been ordered. Villa Ravenna had such a romantic atmosphere, so Hans and I will definitely be returning for a date night sometime in the near future!

An artist painted this painting specifically for Villa Ravenna.


One of the several cases of imported Italian wines


Tortileni, there was just a tiny bit of cheese in the middle.



Before they brought out our food, I wandered over to the wine cases and was lusting after all of the imported wines! One bottle was about 300 dollars, ahh.. if only! The owner came over to me and was telling me about most of the wines and what they paired with, and a little history about how some of the Italian wines came to the U.S. To my surprise, they sent out about 3 different types of wines for me to sample! You have no idea how happy I was about this, they were completely free and it probably added up to 1 full glass of wine.
The wines that they brought out were all dry red wines (which is what I prefer). All 3 of the wines were fabulous but I especially liked the Sangiovese based Chianti. It was a bitter-sweet wine with just a hint of fruitiness. This wine would have been fantastic paired with a tomato-based pasta.

… And my dessert: Espresso Italia!


I loved this restaurant and I recommend it for any one who will be in the Tulsa area.


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