A chocolate filled Saturday

So, it has been decided we are going back to Sweden in 1 month! Wow, okay.. I think I am ready, I know I can do it! Sweden is absolutely beautiful and a great country to live in. Specifically we may be moving to Stockholm which is the capital of Sweden and it is fantastic!! They have some amazing shopping districts and the architecture in Stockholm can definitely compete to that of Paris! It would be easier for us to stay here but you gotta do what you gotta do, ya know? Anyway, let’s rewind to last night. I just love relaxing Friday evenings and that is exactly how last night was! Yesterday evening Hans and I went for a 4 mile walk along the river and it was just the perfect type of weather for a nice, long walk! Not humid or hot but not too cold by any means. The perfect way to end the workweek. I have a somewhat busy Saturday planned for today. We plan to go up to the mall for a little while and then some running and yoga are definitely in store for today too! This morning for breakfast I was feeling a little frisky so I decided to add some cocoa powder to my green smoothie from yesterday! I was a tiny bit skeptical.. ya know, chocolate and spinach together?? Hhmm… I definitely didn’t know how the taste would turn out on that one. But, it ended up tasting great!! Again, I couldn’t really taste the spinach in the smoothie at all and I could just taste a hint of chocolate that shined through the green smoothie gloriously!! Yuummm…

Getting ready to be mixed up into a smoothie full of chocolatey yumminess: (Check out the cocoa powder on top!!)


The color of this smoothie does not look appetizing what so ever, but trust me it tasted good!


Oh, wow how did a photo of Sebastian get on here?? hehe, I love my kitty


I hope every one has a fun and healthy Saturday! Now, I am off to one of my favorite places in the world: The Mall!!

But, I thought I would leave you guys with a photo from our wedding. So here ya go!! I will post some photos of when we lived in Sweden later on too!




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4 responses to “A chocolate filled Saturday

  1. Cats always do sneaky stuff…

  2. hopiek

    yum! your smoothie looks great, green and lovely!! love the wedding picture too- so pretty!!

  3. hopiek

    eatnrun.wordpress.com 🙂


  4. How exciting about moving back to Sweden!

    The smoothie sounds really good!

    Gorgeous wedding photo!

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