That is how I always feel after a yoga class. It just never fails! I always leave yoga class feeling energized instead of tired and that is one of the many reasons why I love practicing yoga. This morning I went to a Vinyasa Flow class. It was a beginner to intermediate level class but it definitely had some advanced level asanas as well. I enjoy going to beginner and intermediate classes sometimes because it gets me back to the basics and deepens my practice in the future. The yoga instructor was fantastic today! I absolutely love how she conducts her class. In the future, when I start to teach my own yoga classes I can only hope to be half of the teacher that she is! Amazing! There was A LOT of balancing poses during class today, I can already feel a bit of soreness going on. (Or is that from yesterdays run? Hhhmm..) I used to be a gymnast so the advanced asanas have never really been difficult for me because of my flexibility and balance. However, my struggle with practicing yoga is engaging the bandhas and remembering to synchronize my breath with my movement. The green smoothie from breakfast held me over for a good three hours!! I will definitely be making these smoothies more often from now on! I can sense some serious smoothie experiments in the future!

For a post yoga snack I had a Chocolate Pecan Pie Luna Bar:

post-yoga-grocery-and-luna-bar-002 This bar was just alright but it did a good job of sustaining my hunger until lunch time. Some bars just taste artificial to me and this bar was one of them. (In Sweden they have NO bars, absolutely none…I thought it was crazy at first, wow you Swedes only eat real food? hehe) Maybe it was just this particular flavor that I didn’t like so I will probably try some other flavors to see how they are.

After yoga class, I made a quick grocery stop at Target. I just needed a few essentials so nothing really interesting. Healthy eating can definitely be difficult on a budget but I am working on it. I am keeping myself on a somewhat strict budget until we move back to Sweden. It is freaking expensive to move countries!

Soy milk, cottage cheese, spinach, canned salmon, bananas and oranges.


Hans and I are going to go take a nice long walk on the river and enjoy this beautiful 80 degree Friday!!

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