Calling all chocoholics!

Of course, my first post must be about chocolate. I love everything about the stuff. Let’s start with a little chocolate history shall we. The Mayans and Aztecs were the firsts to have the privilege to enjoy chocolate. Although it was a different kind of chocolate than we enjoy today. For these people chocolate was not a sweet as it is now, but a bitter beverage. It was thought to have miraculous power, which it does! They believed it gave them wisdom and good health. For more on the history of chocolate visit here:

Now let’s get to the reasons why I adore chocolate:

Let’s just be honest. The taste of chocolate is absolutely delicious. There are different varieties of this amazing sweet for every one. You can find chocolate in every country around the world. My favorite type of chocolate is the Swedish Marabou Schweizer Nöt (Swiss nut). It is the best tasting chocolate that I have found in Europe and the U.S. as of right now, but I am still searching! If you would like to order some Marabou chocolate in the states it is available here:

Chocolate is addictive. It is quite hard to stop at one piece! Although, most of the time I will only allow myself 2 squares of chocolate, in the back of my mind I almost always want more. Why is this? Well, chocolate kind of works like a drug. It contains stimulant substances like caffeine which make it all the more difficult to say no to that 3rd square of chocolate, or 2nd brownie.

The aroma of chocolate just melts in your mouth. The smell of chocolate is the most difficult to describe. As soon as a hint of that familiar smell arrives, I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. The smell of chocolate is just an enjoyable feeling in itself and it always puts me in a good mood.

Chocolate is associated with love. Think about it, what do you want for valentine’s day from your sweetie? Ummm… Chocolate!! It is thought to contain substances which give you the feeling of being in love. It is believed that chocolate can work as an aphrodisiac. Nothing is better than cuddling up to your honey with a few squares of chocolate and a small glass of red wine, that’s for sure.

And we can’t forget about the health benefits of chocolate too since this is a wellness blog. Dark chocolate, in moderation, contains antioxidants which can lower your blood pressure. I do love my dark chocolate, but I also like to switch it up every now and then with some milk chocolate as well.

Now, I think it is only necessary after all this chocolate talk to leave you with some drool worthy photos of some amazing chocolate!

Amazing chocolate mousse cake at a restaurant in Stockholm:


Hans and I at the same restaurant as above after dinner: (He had to have surgery on his thumb)


This is a White chocolate cake that we had for New Years Eve:


What is your favorite way to enjoy chocolate?

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